Friday, 7 March 2014

FO - Celebrations Jumper

This jumper began last month as a way of using up a number of yarn ends and playing around with the barber pole striping technique. Throughout the project I always had 3 balls of yarn on the go and would replace each one when they ran out or if I just fancied a change


I used the Little Hoodlum pattern which is for DK weight yarn but used aran/worsted scraps. I could probably have got away with a smaller size but my son loves his big snuggly jumper and with the ribbing on the cuffs I can fold up the sleeves until he's bigger

DSC_0754  DSC_0756

I'm not sure why my children have a problem with posing for photos lol

DSC_0760  DSC_0763

Funny boy!




The bright happy colours really suit his personality. He's such a happy little chappy. Apart from last week when he had an ear infection but they're never fun :( He's almost completely better now.


Clearly he's been watching his big brother's posing techniques!. All I asked was for him to show me the back :-)


I'm linking this post in with FO Friday, Fiber Arts Friday and Creative Friday. Have a good weekend everyone :-) I'm hoping for a lazy weekend as we've not had much sleep lately with my little boy waking up because his ear was hurting. Probably asking too much to hope for a lie in!


  1. It looks great. I think your son will live in that for the next couple of years.

  2. That's a very interesting technique and the result is stunning. Great model btw!

  3. What a fun sweater! Nice job.

  4. Another reason I am glad I had girls. LOL! Darling sweater on a darling little guy!

  5. The last pic is hilarious. What a fun character this son is. Great gansey. I really admire how you knit so much for your babes.

  6. I love this sweater. It came out wonderfully. What a great way to use up bits and pieces of yarn.

  7. LOVE IT!!! So bright and cheery, full of colour just like it's wearer I imagine. Don't worry it isn't your kids, it is a boys everywhere thing, lol

  8. Awesome sweater! And his poses - just as awesome!

  9. What a happy little boy! Glad he is better. Ear infections are so painful, my kids suffered from them for a couple of years when they were very young. The jumper turned out terrific!

  10. Fab and happy looking sweater! Your son is a great model, I can see he loves his new outfit :) Thankfully he feels fine again.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Really lovely jumper! Funny wee man you've got there too :)

  12. This is stunning, such a fabulous idea! I'm sure it will last him a long time, especially with it a bit big - love his cheeky grin!

  13. I love how colorful this is!! And your kiddos are hilarious when it comes to picture taking!

  14. Oh that is a lovely jumper, I love all of the colours!!So bright :D

  15. Absolutely brilliant!!! Love, love love it!!!! And so does your gorgeous little man, by the looks of it!!! x

  16. OMG! LOVE all of the photos! That sweater is perfect and the model is too adorable!


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