Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New yarns and a special offer

I'm feeling Spring-like even if outside it feels more like Winter! Could have something to do with these gorgeous yarns I received from Alison Pixieknits:


Fuscia Bloom



I am currently offering 10% off all custom shorties (inseam up to 4") ordered using my instock yarns (including those above) between now and 1st May. Free postage if you order more than one pair ;-)

Please have a look at my shop: The Soaring Sheep

Let's get ready for the sunshine!!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scrappies and more

Here are some of my recent woollies:

Girly scrappies with a pleated ruffle


Deep Water soaker (yarn dyed by Krafty Koala)


Two YYMK longies for Hannah at Aberdeen Nappies. She dyed the lovely green yarn and some of the scrappies colourways. The green longies have a pleated ruffle for extra girly-ness


Scrappy crops for a little boy


And here are a couple of instock items I've added recently:

1-ply Purewool longies


Pastel Rainbow shorties (dyed by myself)


I've just finished another pair of scrappies and then I've got some small longies to make for a lovely lady and then some teeny shorties for another lovely Mum-to-be. I'm hoping once I've finished those I'll be able to get some things knitted up for Buy British Month in May. I've got a couple of collaborations lined up and some ready made woollies sitting in my yarn box ;-)


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