Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's nearly Christmas!

I've got one more pair of longies to finish and then my customs list is done until January. I've got a couple of things I want to knit over Christmas but it will be nice to have the pressure off.

As we're moving house next month (eek not long now!!) we had a man come round this afternoon to give us a quote for removals. There is something uncomfortable about having strangers wander round your house looking at things. I guess that's one of the reasons house moving is so stressful, your calm quiet home suddenly has people trampling through it, taking all your furniture outside to load onto a lorry and then trampling through your new house.

I'm looking forward to this all being over. The new house is quite a bit bigger than this one so there won't be the problem of trying to find places for things. The kitchen is bigger with a large workspace which will be very useful. There is a garden for the children to play in during the summer. There is a play park nearby for the children to use and a country park a short walk up the road :-)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Skirty Collab

Last post tonight, sorry for spamming!

This is a set that I'm really proud of. I dyed the yarn ages ago and it just wasn't quite right so I overdyed it a pinky-red colour and it blended beautifully.


The booties were made by Sam from Essence of Envy


The buttons are adoreable!


Ok that's it for tonight. I should have some more photos to update with in a couple of weeks. At the moment I'm in a B&B with 3 very over-excited children who are supposed to be going to bed but are instead bouncing around and squealing. We're all sleeping in the same room so I fear it will be a long night!

Darkside Cowel

This was what I made for my Mum's birthday:


I made it with some semi solid dyed yarn by Krafty Koala


It's such a pretty pattern


I think I might make one for myself when I have time. It was a quick knit and nice to have a change from longies :-)


Almost a month without a blog post, sorry!! I've been busy with Buy British Month and working through my orders list. Here's some of the things I've been doing:


These are some instock longies which I made for BBM. They are hips 23, rise 19, inseam 11 so if anyone is interested let me know ;-) They are made using Fyberspates thick blue faced leicester yarn so are lovely and snuggley


These were a custom order using some Cascade 220 yarn


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