Wednesday, 6 July 2016

FO - Coffee and Cupcakes Socks

I wanted to knit this pattern after seeing it on Sandra's Cherryheart blog, I just thought it was so pretty. It's a very easy pattern repeat to remember which is always good and I think it looks rather nice with the yarn


I cast these socks on in May but stalled on them a bit when the heel on the first sock didn't fit very well. I used the fish lips kiss heel which fits wonderfully but because of the lace pattern and me using 2.0mm needles there just wasn't quite enough room on the heel. It's blocked out looser though which is good so whilst it would have been better to frog back and do a gusset heel I'm happy I got away with it


The yarn is from Shadow at Felt Fusion and is a colourway called "A Christmas Rose", it's got a subtle silver sparkle running through which is pretty when it catches the light :-)

I'm off to take the dog for a walk now before it gets too hot. He got a bit of a fright earlier this morning when he was sleeping next to the front door and the postman dropped some letters through. I think he must have been quite deeply asleep as he woke up doing his "alert bark" to warn me of a possible threat. I told him to be quiet and he huffed at me in disgust ;-)

Linking up with Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along. Have a good week everyone


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