Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ready for Christmas

Hi everyone :) I failed my driving theory test last week but redid it this morning and got a good pass so I'm feeling much happier. The children are home for the holidays, the shopping is done and I'm planning on spending the next few days chilling out. I've got books to read, knitting projects to work on and lots of relaxing to accomplish.


I finished my Mum's socks a couple of days ago. Still need to weave in the 4 ends and give them a quick wash and block but that won't take long. I'm hoping to pay my parents a visit in the near future so might be able to persuade her to let me take some modelling shots :-p


My son's sweater now has a sleeve so the second one is going to be my tv knitting project as it's just plain stockinette and I know how many rows I need between decreases and how much length to add etc.


My final WIP is this hat. The pattern is called Here's Looking At You and caught my eye when I was looking for something to knit with this yarn


I think this stitch pattern is so pretty. Originally I thought it was some sort of cabling but once I got the pattern I found it's just left and right leaning decreases and yarn overs. Very easy to remember too which is always good.

The yarn I'm using is a completely different colour to what my camera has come up with. Hopefully when the hat is finished I'll be able to get some daylight shots which are more accurate. The yarn also has a bit of silver thread through it which gives a nice effect.

So that's me sorted now. I hope if you celebrate Christmas or are just looking forward to a day off that you get some relaxing time. Happy Holidays and if I don't end up posting again this year I hope you all have a Happy New Year too :-)

Take care, Evelyn x

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Egg-citing News

We had an egg-cellent start to the day this morning. I slid open the roof of the chicken coop to give it a quick spot clean like I do every morning and I found not one but two perfect little eggs.


It was ever so exciting, we've been wondering when they'd start laying and assumed the cold dark weather would put them off until the Spring. We did notice recently that they've started squatting down when you try to pick them up rather than running away which apparently is a behaviour they will do for the cockerel.

Of course now we've got to decide what we're going to do with these two precious eggs and how we can share them between the six of us.


Oh my gosh! I went out while I was making my lunch to give them a pear to eat and couldn't resist another peek inside their house and look what I found!


A third egg, and it was still warm :-)


How funny that they all started laying on the same day. And they all layed in the nest box too, clever girls


The black girl on the left laid the third egg, she's called Maude. The grey girl is called Merry and the orangey one is called Betsy. Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday's WIP's

I had another driving lesson today. I'm definitely making progress although my instructor does shout a lot "USE the CLUTCH!" "BRAKE!" "Did you SEE that RED LIGHT?!" :-P Poor guy, I don't think I'd want his job. Today I went into top gear on purpose because I was driving along a duel carriageway. I also reversed into a parking space rather well too. We'll gloss over the roundabouts, stalling at junctions and not using the clutch properly...

I've mostly been pottering around with things at home. A bit of cleaning, a bit of ironing, a bit of playing with the puppy, a bit of revision for my theory test (next week, *gulp*) and occasionally a bit of knitting too.


The red sweater has been waiting for me to try it on my son to see how much more length I need on the sleeves. I need to do another 4 inches or so before starting the cuffs so that will keep me amused for a while.

My sock now has a heel and is nice and simple to knit again, much like the sleeves on the sweater. Seems that's what I'm in the mood for right now.

The purple garter stitch at the top is going to be a hat. I'll talk about more about that another day, hopefully when I've started knitting the pattern part. At the moment following instructions is a bit beyond me (my driving instructor probably agrees...). I cast it on because the yarn has been sat on my shelf for so long it was starting to get dusty. Rather than dust the shelf I thought knitting would be more fun ;-)

So looking forward to the Christmas holidays and things feeling less busy... Take care everyone :-)

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