Monday, 29 September 2014


Now that the Scrappy Socks are finished I'm able to get some decent work done on my Grace cardigan. It's getting tantalisingly close to being finished


As you can see I've finished the first sleeve and I'm close to being able to start the ribbing on the second one. It was great tv knitting during Downton Abbey last night lol.


I've also redone the cast off for the bottom of the cardigan. It just wasn't stretchy enough and would have looked odd when the cardigan is buttoned up. Hopefully it will look a bit neater once I've blocked it! I used the same stretchy cast off for the sleeves as well so it matches


After the sleeves I need to work out how many stitches to pick up for the button bands because I have added extra length. I've also got rather a lot of ends to weave in :-S More tv kniting I guess!

Have a good week everyone :-)

Friday, 26 September 2014

FO - Scrappy Birthday Socks

Gosh it's been a positive flurry of posts after weeks of not being around much! We've been at the new house 2.5 weeks now and things are finally starting to feel like they're getting back to normal.

Yesterday was a very special day for Mr Soaring Sheep because he turned 30 :-) I had promised him a new pair of socks but said I didn't think they'd be finished for his birthday. Luckily for me he was working away from early Monday morning until Wednesday evening so that gave me plenty of opportunity to knit the second sock. He arrived home just as I was starting to weave in the ends.


I managed to persuade him to give the children a long play-bath that evening so had around an hour uninterrupted to weave in all the ends. I didn't have time to block them or even wrap them up but he was very chuffed when I presented them to him :-)


You can see his new birthday trousers in that picture too lol. I knitted the socks cuff down with an afterthought heel. Unfortunately with the second cuff (the green one) I not only cast on two too few stitches but I also cast on a bit too tightly as well. Luckily thanks to some brutal stretching and Mr Soaring Sheep's skinny ankles they fit just fine


He's a very happy boy, and I'm looking forward to some more leisurely paced knitting next week!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Managed to persuade Mr Soaring Sheep to give the children a nice long "play bath" so I've had about an hour to myself to weave in all the ends.


They're not blocked and I've not had time to sort out the green cuff but I think they'll do. I was a bit brutal with it and gave it a bit of a stretch which seems to have helped so hopefully they'll go over his feet ok. He's got skinnier legs than me anyway so he should be fine.

Tomorrow we're off out for an adventure, just the two of us. First time we've had a day without the children since our first child was born. Grandparents are babysitting, and we're going to a theme park. What luxury :-)


He's home 20 minutes early! I've finished the socks, just need to sew in the ends and sort out the cuff. Got SOO close :-o

Need to find an excuse to send him out for a bit lol

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Birthday Socks

It's Mr Soaring Sheep's birthday on Thursday so I've been making him some socks. He's already seen the first one and tried it on for fit but I've been suggesting that I'm not going to have enough time to finish them by his birthday so he'll just have to wait ;-)


I'm making them with matching stripes but the heel, cuff and toe colours are swapped over. They're knitting up quickly as they're stockinette, I was only on the first greeny stripe at the top yesterday morning.

Unfortunately there is a small problem


Actually it is literally a small problem. Not only did I manage to cast on two stitches too few on the cuff of the second sock but my cast on is also too tight. I think I'm going to have to unpick the whole of the ribbed section and reknit it from the opposite direction :-S Whoops :-S

Mr Soaring Sheep is away until Wednesday evening, that gives me 2 days to get it finished, ends woven in and blocked. Better get knitting then!

Keep Calm and Craft On!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I'm back!

3 Days ago we moved into our first owned house. So far there has been mess, tears and a mishap with an electrical cable and a drill. It's been hard work, frustrating, exhausting and BLOODY BRILLIANT!

We're still not sorted yet, there is furniture to move, boxes to unpack, flatpack furniture to assemble and pictures to hang. It's getting there though and it's lots of fun.

I was rather cross with Mr Soaring Sheep this morning after having a freezing cold shower and discovering it was because he had drilled through a cable for the boiler. He's sorted out an electrician to come round this evening so fingers crossed it isn't too expensive.

Not long after he'd gone to work the doorbell rang. It was the postman with a squishy parcel for me


Beautiful sock yarn from The Knitting Goddess that my soppy husband had ordered for me in secret before we moved house. It really cheered up my morning, once I'd had a little cry ;-)

Ooof this moving house thing is hard work emotionally!


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