Friday, 30 April 2010

1 Day until Buy British Month!!

I can't wait to post photos of the things I've been making. I've got some lovely woollies already knitted and quite a few collaborations going on as well! So exciting :-)

Anyways, for now here are some more of the custom order I've been making. These three are all using Pixieknits' colourways.

Breezy shorties with a big ruffle


Waterfall shorties


Fuscia Bloom shorties with a gentle ruffle


I've also finished one skorty, halfway through a second and have a small soaker to show off as well. I'll post photos of them another day, when I've taken some!

Keep a look out for The Soaring Sheep in the Buy British Month forum on Cloth Nappy Addicts :-D

Monday, 26 April 2010

Buy British Month

It's coming...

I have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline as well as some instock woollies and special custom slots ;-)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Shorties season has arrived. I really should get round to making some more for my boys! Problem is my almost 3 year old is probably going to be out of nappies by the summer and my 1 year old (yeah that's come round quickly!) can use his brother's old shorties.

I've been looking at various patterns on Ravelry and am feeling drawn to hats and cardigans recently! Completely the wrong season of course but might knit up something for them to wear in the autumn. I have a couple of Christmas presents I want to knit up too but I refuse to start doing them before August!

Anyways I'll stop rambling now. Here are a few things I've made recently. I've got another pair of shorties drying that were a custom order and have some wonderful ruffles. I'll post about them another day

Girly scrappy longies


Two shorties from Pixieknits' colourways. On the left is Paintbox, on the right is Peacock


I love the lightening strike effect where the colours have pooled. So cool


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Recent orders and FO's

Mis-matched boys scrappies


Springfields longies and LTK pilot cap (Wharfedale woolworks yarn)


Playschool shorties (Pixieknits colourway)


Luscious Little Somethings' Sunset colourway knitted into a Baby Jester hat - Woolly Wormhead pattern


Wharfedale woolworks' Midnight Forest soaker and longies made using Tashagem's Paradise cove colourway


Monday, 5 April 2010

GG Shrug

I made this shrug for my daughter using the GG shrug pattern found here or here (ravelry link)


Not the best photos and pre-blocking but she's not let me have it back yet!



Lovely pattern, easy and quick to knit. I'm planning on making her a shorter sleeved one for the summer. This one was made using Babylonglegs' Radiance yarn in her Heather colourway.

Methinks she likes it:


Also just a cute photo I managed to get, shows off some longies I made recently too. They were going to be for instock but he decided he wanted them instead



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