Thursday, 28 August 2014

A crafting update

Goodness things are busy here at the moment. We're just over a week (11 days) away from moving house. The children go back to school on Wednesday and then I've got 3 days at home on my own to get on with packing, then the weekend with Mr Soaring Sheep around to disconnect the washing machine, dismantle furniture etc. and then it's The Day.

I go from being really happy and excited to feeling very overwhelmed and on edge. I got in a bit of a tiz yesterday because of all the boxes in the lounge. I went off for a bike ride with the big two children and came home to find Mr Soaring Sheep had moved them all out, tidied up and vacuumed the floor as well. I'm embarrassed to admit I cried!


My projects at the moment are all very simple. My ripple blanket is getting to a nice length now and keeps my lap warm when I'm working on it. I'm starting to run low on certain colours though so having to be careful with balancing them out as I'm still Cold Sheep-ing. Plus it seems a bit silly buying yarn to finish a scrappy blanket!


My Grace cardigan has almost got it's first sleeve. I'm tall with long arms so I'm probably going to add a little extra length. I'm following the pattern directions for now so will try it on and measure as I go. I'm trying not to think about all the ends I've got to weave in. The yarn was from a frogged cardigan so there have been quite a few small balls in there. I might also redo the cast off on the bottom and make it a bit stretchier. It's not as forgiving of my hips as I'd like ;-)


My happy little Scrappy Socks for Mr Soaring Sheep are growing steadily. I've put in yarn for an afterthought heel between the blue and green stripes. I think I'll probably do the heel sooner rather than later and then I can get the foot and toes to the right length. Lots of ends to deal with here too. I think I need to cast on a shawl when I finished one of these projects, lots of knitting but only two ends to deal with ;-)

That's all from me for now. I might schedule some posts for the next couple of weeks if I have the time. Otherwise I might not be back until after The Move. Eeep!

Friday, 22 August 2014


Hi, long time no see! I'm sorry I've disappeared a bit lately. We had two weeks holiday-ing from home and now it's just over two weeks until we move house so currently my lounge looks like this:


Gotta love packing :-S We're at that tricky stage where you want to get as much done as you can but have to consider if you're likely to need those things in the next couple of weeks. Doesn't help that it's the Summer holidays so I have 4 very excited little helpers...


In the midst of all the chaos I'm still finding time for some simple projects. I'm working on these scrappy socks for Mr Soaring Sheep. It's his birthday in a month's time so I might try and get them finished by then. No guarantees though.

I did finish this pair of socks for my Dad. I meant to show them off last Friday but it's taken me a while to sort through the hundreds of photos I took on holiday

It was my first time making socks for someone who couldn't try them on. Not sure how successful I was with the fit because he tried them on OVER his normal socks and then said they were a little tight on the heel *sigh*. I think they'll be fine though, he didn't want to get them dirty :)


Just a simple plain sock with a gusset heel worked from the toe up. The yarn is by Flamboyance yarns in a colourway called "Red Onions". It's merino with 25% nylon so hopefully they will last well. And if I ever see him wearing them PROPERLY I might make him another pair ;-)

Remember the lace shawl I made for my Mum? Well I very proudly gave it to her last week and she was thrilled with it. My Mum doesn't like having her photo taken so you'll have to make do with this shot.


I'm not sure when I'll be posting again. I'm just holding on to the thought that in 3 weeks time all this moving stress will be over and we'll be living in a house we own. I've been buying lots of plants for the garden, I can't wait to get started. For now, it's back to the boxes. They are everywhere...


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Scrappy socks

I'm still continuing with my Cold Sheeping. I've gone 10 months now without buying yarn. In some ways it's got easier to resist but I'm getting to the point where I can't make some things I want to because I don't have any suitable yarn.


I've finished my Dad's socks and they are currently blocking. Just as well because we're seeing my parents tomorrow so going to give my Mum her beaded lace shawl too. Dad doesn't know he's getting anything. I've never made socks for someone without them trying them on. I do hope they fit ok :-S

I wanted another vanilla sock on the needles asap so asked Mr Soaring Sheep if he'd like some. His eyes lit up, he's very knit worthy lol. He wasn't too sure about the yarn I suggested and the rest of my stash is either a bit girly or I just want to be selfish and use it for me. How about a scrappy pair?


"Ooo yes please!" he said. He doesn't have a problem with wearing pink so as long as I balance the colours out nicely I should have a completely unique pair of scrappy striped socks for him when I'm done. I'm going to go cuff down with an afterthought heel, can't wait to get started!

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Holidays from Home

This year, because we're moving house in just over a month (eek!) and because last year we got so fed up of camping in the rain, we decided this year we would have a "holiday from home".


We've explored footpaths near to our house





Woodland walks



Took the children to London on the train for the first time




Been for walk or two...



Visited Oxford and my brother :)



Today though I have four rather tired children so I think we'll have a gentle day. I might even have some time to turn the heel on my sock :-)


My ripple blanket is growing slowly and my Grace cardigan just needs sleeves and button bands. There's no rush though, family time is more important :-)

Happy crafting everyone :-)


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