Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Visiting family

































I like how relaxing this time of year can be. Getting up late in the morning, going for a walk if you feel like it or just staying at home enjoying each other's company. Yesterday we visited my in-laws house. The children had great fun playing an old board game Mr Soaring Sheep played as a child.

Today it's New Year's Eve. We probably won't stay up late but will enjoy the last day of 2013. Tomorrow the Christmas decorations will come down and we'll start to get the house ready for children returning to school and Mr SS returning to work. Today is a peaceful day.

Happy New Year everyone :-)

Monday, 30 December 2013

New project - Alec XL

A week ago I cast on an Alec XL jumper for Mr Soaring Sheep. As you can see, I'm motoring through it!


I've got a few more hip decreases to do but after that it's just plain stockinette. I'm making the large size with about 4 inches of positive ease. Just before I separated the sleeves it felt like each round was taking forever!

Mr Soaring Sheep is very excited, he's not had a hand knitted jumper since he was a child :-)

Friday, 27 December 2013

FO - Crocheted Christmas Tree

I started this project before Christmas, it worked up quickly but then I got distracted, made a mistake with counting and put it on the shelf in Time Out.

On Christmas day I decided I'd better finish it otherwise it wouldn't be used at all this year. Barely half an hour later it was done, simples. Kind of wish I hadn't procratinated so long with it!


It's a simple pattern to follow, you basically make a cone and then work back up to the top making the branches.


I bought some beads to decorate mine with but actually I rather like it with just the simple sequin thread decoration so I'm going to leave it as it is. It's a cute little thing on my mantle piece and makes me smile


Next Friday I'm going to finally show off my first colourwork cardigan. My daughter has barely taken it off since the buttons were sewn on so either our house is rather cold or she loves it a lot :-)

Today I'm linking in with Fiber Arts Friday and Creative Friday

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

FO - Mr Soaring Sheep's Christmas Present

It's some holiday bunting!


Pattern is by Attic24 and the words were inspired by a line in this song by Slade near the end

Buttons, bells, holly and beads all sewn on by hand. They are what has taken me so long to finish it


I cheated with the letters and used bondaweb. Still took me a while to cut them all out though!


I'm really pleased with it :-D


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone :-)


Monday, 23 December 2013

Favourite Projects of 2013

I like looking back at what I've achieved at the end of a year. Whether that's personal reflections or memories that I've made or physical items that I have created. I like seeing how my crafting skills have developed over the year, looking at the type of projects I've made and remembering how pleased I was with them, and still am.

I played around on a mosaic maker and made this

Favourite FO's of 2013

Lots of bright colours in there, a mixure of knitting and crochet projects. Some lace shawls I thoroughly enjoyed knitting, 3 out of the 4 MKAL's I've joined in with this year (and the fourth is only missing because I was trying to pick only my absolute favourites).

Several projects I was really proud of knitting' the red lace shawl on the left, and my technically unfinished colourwork cardigan in the bottom right corner, and crocheting; the colourful flower cushion in the top row.

I've been thinking about what projects I'd like to knit in the next year. I'm writing down a vague list, not that many firm ideas about individual patterns, more an idea of making a style of project, like a cardigan for me, a jumper for Mr Soaring Sheep, a blanket or two and of course a few more shawls and pairs of socks ;-) I guess that will be a whole other post in itself though so I'll leave it here for now.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog, both newer readers and not so new ones. It really means a lot to me that there are people who (apparently!) enjoy visiting my little corner of the internet. And for everyone whose commented on my blog, thank you especially. Comments really make my day, I love the knitting/crochet/craft-loving community!

Not sure if I'll be posting again before Christmas, depends if I can find some time to take photos of Mr Soaring Sheep's secret present. In case I can't, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas :-)


Friday, 20 December 2013



^How I'm feeling this week!

I've not finished Mr Soaring Sheep's present. He shall have to be banished at some point in the next couple of days so I can work on it. I'm hoping for a restful Christmas break so I can unwind.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I won something!

Last weekend Sezza Knits posted about a Gift Along pattern give away on her blog. I entered and won this beautiful lace shawl pattern from Anna Dalvi


It's called the Sumac Leaf shawl and is knitted with aran weight yarn so it will be a relatively quick knit as well as being cosy and warm too. Plus you guys know how much I love knitting lace ;-) I'm really looking forward to casting it on and I'm so grateful to Sarah for giving me the opportunity to win it.

Thank you so much Sarah, and of course Anna too! You really made my day :-)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WIP Wedneday/ Yarn Along

I'm joining in with Tami and Ginny today for WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along. I've got two main projects I'm working on this week. One is a secret present for Mr Soaring Sheep, the other is a sock for me


I took this photo last night with flash so the colours are a bit off. Gives you an idea though! The only reason I'm working on the sock is because I like having something to work on in the evenings when Mr Soaring Sheep is around. The holly leaves are for decorating the Secret Present, I wonder if you can guess what it is going to be?

Would you like a clue?


I expect for a few of you that's given the game away. I've got some pretty decorations to sew on that I blogged about yesterday. Still waiting for a few more things to arrive. I'm enjoying all the bright colours :-)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A quick little cosy

Mr Soaring Sheep treated the children to a tiny Christmas tree covered in "snow". Naturally I needed to prettify the pot a bit!


It's sits on my kitchen window next to the Christmas card my Mum made for me


The weather has been quite mild here although I believe it's supposed to be getting colder and wetter as the week goes on. It's nice to have a bit of indoor snowy magic


Another pot on my kitchen window sill is these hyacinths. The flowers are starting to grow now and turn faintly pink. Exciting :-)


I'm still working on Mr Soaring Sheep's Christmas present. I've almost finished the crochet part, next I need to do some sewing...


Today I'm joining in with Nicole's "Keep Calm Craft On" post. I might be feeling just a little panicky about the things I need to get done this week so I guess I'd better get on with them!


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