Thursday, 18 June 2009

More Scrappies!

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This time some girly ones. Finished off with a cute little ruffle :-) These were a custom order. The pale orange/green/blue section at the crotch increases was yarn dyed by me. I've knitted the rest of it up into some X-large shorties but forgot to take a photo of them. They're lovely and summer-ey too.

Also I have a better photo of the Blue Banana shorties: DSC06080

Currently I'm working on another pair of scrappies, this time some boyish crops. I've just got to sew up the crotch and do the legs. I've got the yarns already and I'm planning on doing it in the next couple of evenings.

I'm off on holiday today. We're going to be staying at the in-laws house for a couple of weeks and having a holiday from there. We've already planned two beach trips and I'm planning on meeting up with some friends too which I'm looking forward to.

I need something to knit in the car so I'm taking with me some crops that I've got on the needles. I'm also planning on making a skirty for a friend's baby girl as well so will be taking yarn for that. Guess it's not technically a holiday if I'm bringing my knitting, but it's a hobby so it doesn't count :-p

Monday, 8 June 2009

Orange Secret Garden Skirty

Finished this skirty first thing Saturday morning (stayed up late the night before to try to get it done but I couldn't focus on the stitches after a while!). I'm soo pleased with it and it's the first skirty I've really enjoyed knitting. The customer is a lovely WAHM who I did collaborations with for BBM and instead of paying for this skirty, she's swapping me some of her handpainted tops for my littlens.

Anyways, on to the photos :-)




Cute huh? :-) Almost makes me wish my daughter was still in nappies...maybe I'll have to have another girl in a couple of years time lol

Blue Banana Shorties

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Finished these lovely shorties last night. Not the best photo in the world, the colours are nicer in real life and this photo was taken with flash rather than natural light. I love the subtle striping though

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I made some scrappies!

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I'm rather pleased with them :-) The waistband is three different colourways of yarn twisted together and I think it looks really effective. Was a good way of using up yarn scraps and in creating something quirky and unique.

I sold these crops when I'd only started the first leg so was able to customise the legs to be more girly. The customer also wanted them to be mismatched which I like too.

Had a bit of a dilema deciding where and how to join the new yarns. Normally I do a felted join but felt this would look too messy. I ended up using the jogless stripes technique here:

and I started each new yarn at the front of the work, reasoning that this would be the area under the least amount of strain as the child moves. I hid the leg joins down the inseam.

I'm still working on the skirty. Unfortunately the baby has been having a growth spurt so he's been nursing all the time. Fingers crossed that it's finished for now and the cooler weather expected at the weekend will mean he's not as thirsty.

He's certainly getting bigger though!



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