Monday, 30 November 2015

So busy

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. The children's schedules are busy, the puppy is a full time job and I've got a driving theory test to try to revise for. On top of all the normal household chores that a family of 6 generates. And that's not even considering Christmas shopping... Ooof!

Knitting and blogging has rather fallen by the wayside at the moment. Even a few rounds on a sleeve seems tricky, making sure I decrease in the right places and don't get tangled up magic-looping. My son keeps asking when his sweater will be finished, I'm hoping by Christmas, even if that means spending the first few days of the Christmas holidays sat on the sofa knitting furiously lol


I've finished the first sock and I'm now making progress on the second. Not much progress it must be said, a row here and there, but it all adds up eventually I guess


Things will get easier. Pippin has his final vaccination tomorrow and then 10 days after that I'll be able to take him for short walks which should tire him out a bit better. At least long enough for me to start making progress on things rather than barely keeping up. We've been trying to do a lot of socialisation with him while he's still young. This means we take turns carrying him around in a sling so he can visit new places and meet new people. Yesterday we took him round a garden centre to look at the Christmas decorations and then we went to a pet shop where he encountered a rather noisy parrot.


Right, I'd better get back to revising for my driving theory test, I need to practice doing the "hazard perception" part of the test. I'm hoping it's easier than it sounds lol. Have a good week everyone :-)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wednesday's WIP's

Yes I know, I can't quite believe it myself, an actual knitting post ;-) It helps that the puppy is finally having a snooze, he got to that overtired and bitey stage which isn't much fun. So then, what have I been knitting?


Well I have made some progress on these two projects since I showed them to you last. The socks are based on the Rye pattern but made using sockyarn. They caught my Mum's eye when she last visited us so I'm going to give them to her when they're finished. As you can see I'm onto the ribbing of the first sock and as I started these in July I don't think she'll be getting them any time soon...

The sweater is for my son using the Little Spare Time pattern. I've rejoined the knitting after doing the front and back flat for the pockets. I think now I'm about ready to do the edging but I want to try it on him first to make sure the length is right. It shouldn't be far off but as my gauge wasn't quite right I'd prefer to make sure.

That's all I've got to show you at the moment. Pippin the puppy is taking up a lot of time in the day and then by the time Mr Soaring Sheep is home in the evening I'm too tired to want to do any knitting. He's sleeping longer at night now but it's still going to be another 3 weeks+ before he's allowed out for walks. For now all the entertainment he gets is either at home with me or when I take him out round the village in a baby sling so he can meet people. He's getting bloomin' heavy now though lol


His favourite spot at the moment seems to be squeezed between the sofa and the radiator. I took this photo this morning but he's snoozing there now. Funny boy :-)

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Monday, 16 November 2015


Sorry for just disappearing like that. Who'd have thought a 2 month old puppy would require so much attention lol. When he's awake he needs feeding, training, playing with and taking outside to the toilet. When he's asleep I'm either getting on with chores or trying to stay awake after a night of being woken up by him needing the toilet. Still a week on now and I feel like we're all getting the hang of things :-)

It helps that he can be ridiculously cute...











Sleepy boy has his injections tomorrow. Will be good when I no longer need to carry him everywhere. Even using a sling he's still pretty heavy!

Have a good week everyone

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A New Project

The children went back to school today. I miss them a bit but it's nice how the house stays tidy lol. I had my first driving lesson this morning, very exciting. Also rather scary, it's strange how driving along at just 20mph feels like you're going incredibly fast. My instructor had me driving up and down a quiet road and then at the end of the lesson he got me to drive home. Apparently I did alright, I hope I didn't annoy too many drivers who had to follow behind me as I slowly made my way along the bendy road lol.


I've cast on a new project after finishing my shawl. It's a sweater for my eldest boy using the Little Spare Time pattern. I showed him lots of different patterns but this one caught his eye because of the cosy collar.

Aside from the collar detail it's a pretty straight forward raglan sweater. I am going to do pockets as he likes to keep his hands warm so I'm just knitting until I get to the right length at the moment. Good for working on when I'm tired and not able to concentrate much.

Mr Soaring Sheep has requested a cardigan after I showed him this pattern on ravelry. Isn't it gorgeous? He even wants it in the same pinky purple colour. I think I'll wait a while before casting it on though, I expect with having a new puppy arriving on Saturday, driving lessons and tennis lessons my mind is going to be a bit busy for concentrating on all those cables lol.

Have a good week everyone, Keep Calm Craft On

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Puppy visit

It's been a busy half term, we've not really done much but I feel like I've hardly had any time to myself. Got one more day with them at home and then we can get back to the school routine.

Yesterday was an exciting day for us because we found out which puppy is going to be ours. The breeders have had the puppies tested to assess their personalities and then from that information they were able to work out which would suit us best. I was over the moon to find out that it was the boy with the orange collar who I've had my eye on since he was born. This morning we went for our final visit with the puppies before we bring him home next week


We've decided to call him Pippin, or Pip for short. The above photo is my favourite one of him, I love his eyes :-)




The children are rather smitten with him too :-)



Can't wait to bring him home :-) 6 more sleeps to go...!


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