Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hi guys! I've got two projects to show you today, I've not really worked very much on my scrappy granny blanket because I've run out of the blue joining yarn and keep forgetting to order it. Anyway, first up is my Mystery KAL shawl:


I've just got one more clue to go which is due to be released tomorrow. I'm wondering if the design in the middle is going to be repeated along the whole length of the shawl in the next section. I like it but it does require a bit of concentration to knit as the lace is worked on both the right and wrong sides and there are some funky purl decreases in there I'd not done before.


It's pretty though, I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished and blocked. The yarn is Mulberry silk by DyeForYarn, beautiful soft, stunning colour and sheen but takes a bit of getting used to when knitting as it's made up of lots of small plies which have a tendency to want to separate and get caught in the wrong places. I think I've got used to it by now though so not giving me too much trouble. I'd probably choose their Tussah silk in future though.

 My other project I'm feeling a bit "meh" about. It's a dress for my youngest daughter but I think I should have probably stuck with the 2 year size rather than 3 years. She's a teeny almost 2 year old but her chest size was slightly bigger than the 2 year but not quite as big as 3 year and as I'm knitting in cotton and children inevitably grow I decided to go bigger. I should probably put it on a bigger circular and try it on her!


The pattern is Oriental Lily by Georgi Hallam and I'm knitting it with some Debbie Bliss Cotton that I've had in my stash for a while. It was originally intended to be a cabled cardigan but well, it's cotton...! The purple yarn was given to me by a friend. I shall continue with it and if it's too big well I'll just have to knit quickly and make her a smaller one. It's 1 month and 1 day until her second birthday, how on earth has that come round so quickly??

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Friday, 22 February 2013

FO Friday Headwrap

I saw this cute pattern for a Hilda Vintage-Inspired Headwrap on Sarah's blog so thought I'd give it a try. Mine isn't quite as pretty as hers as I think I did a couple of sections too long and it would benefit from a bit of blocking. However, it was a nice little knit and my daughter seems to like it :-)



She prefers to wear it this way round though so I might just sew it closed. Think I'll block it first and see how it improves and then decide



Yarn is Knit-Picks Chroma Worsted in Lollipop that was left over from the rainbow wristwarmers I made last year.

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Edit! Reading fail, I missed out the last stage of sewing the bow into the right shape! Here's a photo of what it now looks like!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday

Not a lot to show you today I'm afraid. It's half term this week so we've been spending time playing games, going for walks and generally trying to keep busy. I have managed to do some work on my crochet blanket though


I know there are a load of ends to weave in. I'll do them at the end in one big go I think :-)

Hope the sun is shining where ever you are. We've had some lovely walks over the past few days although it is starting to get colder again now (perfect for making blankets in though!). Here's a photo I took yesterday of some snow drops at our local country park


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Friday, 15 February 2013

FO Bloom Cushion

First off, an apology for the photos. My camera is getting old, has been dropped a few too many times and had a low battery. Mr SoaringSheep has offered to get me a fancier one for my birthday in April but I still haven't decided which model I'd like!

Anyways... here is my fantabulous cushion :-D


Subtle huh? Wait 'til you see what it looks like when I use flash!


Gargh my eyes!

Oh and here's the back:


Hehe, I'm finding myself looking at my old beige cushions and planning ways to re-cover and jazz them up a little :-p

I meant to post some photos of my MKAL BooKnits shawl yesterday but let's just say there was an incident with a missing yarn over that resulted in a bit of a paddy and some frogging! Caught up again now although got a few more rounds to go until I'll be ready for the next section. Clue 2 is due out next week though so got a bit of time to work on it.


The yarn is mulbery silk so has a gorgeous sheen to it. Impossible to photograph though! It's somewhere between the two pictures in colour:


I'm using some purple beads with a rainbow sheen to them. Again, impossible to photograph! For what it's worth the yarn is this one and the beads are these. *swoon*

Hope you guys have a good weekend. I'm hoping for a bit of sunshine so we can go out for a walk or two and blow away some winter cobwebs :-)

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hi guys, sorry for just disappearing off like that. I've been feeling a bit demotivated about blogging a the moment. I have my reasons but I'm not going to bother giving the person the attention they are craving... So anyways, I'm back for now and I will be sharing some photos of my work as I enjoy blogging and chatting with other crafters :-)

When I last posted I was still working on a dress for my eldest daughter. It's obviously finished by now and I'm rather pleased with it :-)


I think she is too!




I used the Milo vest pattern and just extended it with lots of increases for a full skirt and then did an eyelet row at the bottom before an inch of garter stitch just to make it a little girlier :-)

After I'd finished I fancied doing a crochet project so started work on a Blooming Flower cushion by the very popular Lucy of Attic24. I used the yarns left over from my Christmas granny tree skirt so it's very bright! I'm very pleased with it although there are a couple of things I'd do differently if I remade it. Mainly learning to count ;-) I'll show off some photos at a later date.

My current WIP is my scrappy granny square blanket. I've not made enough squares yet but I've started joining them together anyway. Mostly because it's been a bit cold round here and I wanted something warm on my lap lol. I'm using the "join as you go" method of slip stitching into the ch1 spaces in the neighbouring squares. It's more time consuming doing the border and joining them together than it would be to just slip stitch the squares together but I think it ties all the colours together nicely so I'm sticking with it :-)



Tomorrow I'm going to be joining in with the Boo Knits mystery Valentines shawl KAL. I've got a gorgeous red yarn and some purpley beads to use so I'll post photos of them tomorrow :-)

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