Friday, 30 October 2009

Buy British Month!

It's nearly time for Buy British Month!

A month long celebration of the work of British WAHM's. It sounds like this one is going to be the best yet. The Soaring Sheep will be there with some ready made woollies, collaborations and custom slots. There will be loads of other WAHM's offering new products, special offers and OOAK items. I'm definitely going to be joining in as a customer ;-)

Please check it out, it's going to be great

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Leo the Lion

Originally uploaded by evel_lin
Rubbish photo thanks to rubbish light from the rubbish English autumn... (yes I did get rained on today, how did you guess?)

Gorgeous colourway in real life and knitted up really nicely :-)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Greens and Oranges

Apologies for the bad lighting in the photos. It's so grey and dark at the moment

Babylongleg's Greens colourway


Wharfedale Woolworks on Bluefaced Leicester


Currently working on a pair in Babylongleg's Leo the Lion colourway. Should get them done today or tomorrow :-)

Monday, 19 October 2009

10 Things About Me

I was tagged by Charlotte so here goes:

1. I can play the flute. I was grade 7/grade 8 standard when I left school. I got my grade 6 certificate but decided I didn't want to do more exams at the same time as doing my A levels so instead just worked on enjoying what I was playing. I hardly ever pick up my flute now, I miss it in some ways, there is something very peaceful about just sitting and playing

2. I love reading. Particularly fantasy books and historical fiction. I like the escapism of reading about other worlds or times and always want a happy ending. With 3 young children I don't get much chance to read at the moment, except in the mornings when I'm running a bath.

3. I love being outside. Going for long walks, camping or just running around in the rain. When I was pregnant with my daughter I didn't go out much. I was lonely and I sat around all day feeling trapped and getting fatter. 4 Years on from that I feel like I'm starting to find the outdoors again.

4. I started training to be a midwife. I've been interested in birth, pregnancy and women's health since I was a child. I had to leave in my first year after I got pregnant with my daughter. I think I would like to go back to it, but don't know if I ever will.

5. When I was younger my Granddad used to send me fossilised dinosaur poo that he'd dug up on his land. I think I've still got it in a tin up in the roof!

6. I enjoy cooking and baking. I'm not the world's best cook by a long stretch but I like flipping through cookery books or looking on cooking websites for inspiration and trying new meals.

7. I'm a control freak. I like to plan things weeks, if not months, in advance. I love making lists and crossing things off. I get grumpy and stressed out very easily if people aren't on time or don't do something which they've said they would.

8. Conversely I can be ridiculously spontaneous. When I was 43+3 weeks pregnant we decided to drive 6 hours to go see an American aircraft carrier at Portsmouth. That night I finally went into labour with my third baby.

9. I am left handed and resent being called "cack handed". I am just as dextrous as a right handed person, and I'm probably more ambidextrous than a large proportion of them, having had to learn quite early on how to use tools designed for right handers

10. I can pick up a snail and let it crawl across my palm but I can't bare to touch a slug. It is ridiculous!

I tag Annie in Woollyland, Bibs n Bots, Mrs Halobaby and Crafty n Clothy

Thursday, 15 October 2009

X Large Scrappies

Originally uploaded by evel_lin
This pair had a large hip measurement which is why they look a bit baggy in the photo. I enjoyed making them because I like putting scrappies colourways together :-)

Friday, 9 October 2009

Phoenix Longies

Originally uploaded by evel_lin
A pair of X-large longies for a very patient lady. Made using Babylongleg's Phoenix colourway on soft British Merino yarn. The colours are so vibrant in real life :-) Finished with simple moss stitch cuffs


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