Friday, 29 May 2009

Secret Garden Collab

This is another collaboration with Claire of Jellynose Chic. The yarn is Secret Garden from WWBN. The set is listed in my shop






What have I been up to

Aegian shorties using a Babylonglegs colourway


Orange Secret Garden skirty, another Babylonglegs custom dye. The customer wanted some orange in the colourway


Finally Scrappy Shorties for Buy British Month - assuming I get a chance to finish them before the end of May!


Friday, 15 May 2009

Yaarn dyeing

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My partner worked from home this afternoon and needed to use the laptop. I could have spent my time knitting, or doing housework, or sleeping but instead I had a play with some Koolaid. 200g of bfl aran dyed in blue, orange and green. Looking forward to seeing it reskeined and then knitted up :-)

I do have green and orange hands now though!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Booties finished!

I think he likes them :-)




Made using the left over yarn from these shorties which I've also finished:


Just need to lanolise and knit the i-cord. Really chuffed with these. The blue yarn was sent by the customer and although the blue doesn't match the blue in the yarn they still look really good together, at least in my opinion! These are being sent on to someone else as part of a "nappy fairy" swap on a forum. Basically like a secret santa but involving nappies :-p

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Progress (sort of)

1 Pair of shorties done:


(Bluebell colourway from Babylonglegs)

Second pair of shorties just need second leg cuff and ends weaving in. Oh and a drawcord.

Third pair of shorties I've got as far as the waistband and a few rows into the body.

I felt a bit fed up of shorties so decided to make some booties for Eli to give me a quick break. Well that was the theory. Cast on 3-6 months, too small. Cast on 6-12 months, sewed up and started second bootie. Realised first bootie was wrong, I'd managed to miss out 4 rows of stockinette stitch. Humph.

I AM going to finish these booties! Even if I am sick of them already. We're going to a wedding so thought he could wear them as part of his wedding outfit. 10 days to go, surely my children and brain will let me concentrate for the hour it takes to do them?

Seriously, one bootie in just an hour. Sounds great doesn't it. Except it's taken me all day to knit one :-(

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Busy bee

I've got 3 pairs of shorties to knit up at the moment, plus an almost finished skirty, plus another skirty I need to start. Predictably Eli decided that he wasn't going to nap until my other two children had woken up from their nap so I've managed to get about 10 rows of knitting done today. Humph!

Still, I'm looking forward to the projects. The yarns are gorgeous and shorties are so satisfyingly quick compared to longies. Yay for warmer weather :-)I've got a few ideas I'd like to try for Buy British Month but I have a feeling I won't have time. However, it's my 1st year anniversary of The Soaring Sheep on the 1st July so maybe I could get a few things made up for that...

I've just bought something from Buy British Month. I'd originally eyed it up when it was for sale on Hyenacart but didn't have any paypal at the time. Now it's been listed with a custom slot so I'm going to have it made into shorties for my bigger son.

It's his 2nd birthday on the 19th May so it can be a present for him ;-)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

First Collab


Available here

Buy British Month!!


A month long WAHM-fest hosted on the Cloth Nappy Addicts forum. This year I've got some exciting collaborations in the pipeline as well as some custom slots with beautiful yarns and hopefully some instock shorties too, baby permitting!

So far I've got 3 tempting woollies knitted up that are going to be part of collaborations with other WAHM's


Already this beautiful set with Weenotions has sold within minutes of being listed. The shorties were made by me last year in Mamalongleg's Sophie colourway. The top is Organic Bamboo Velour in size 2 Years with a seahorse embroidered with colours to match the shorties, and an Organic Bamboo Velour Night Notion with matching embroidery on the back.


The next offering from me will be this set:


It will be listed in my shop as soon as I've taken a photo of it. It's a collaboration with the very talented Claire of Jelly Nose Chic and is absolutely stunning. The yarn was dyed by Mamalonglegs.

Buy British Month isn't just about cloth nappies and soakers though, there are handmade clothes, jewellery even needle felted artwork! Well worth a look :-)


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