Friday, 25 January 2013

FO Friday

I've got a couple of FO's to show off today. First up is a pair of dungarees I made for my youngest daughter. I think I could probably have done with going a size up and making the legs a bit longer but I'm hoping she'll potty train over the Summer so she should get a reasonable amount of use out of them before then. Just thought, I really need to knit her a skirty at some point! When did my baby get so big damnit!

Ahem! Well here she is in her Bayside Britches...


As you can see, she's not very happy about being photographed. Say "cheese" hunny?



She's been a bit of a madam this week. Possibly sleep related or maybe she's coming down with something. Or maybe she's just really fed up with people taking photos of her?


Can I just take a quick picture of the fab mushroom buttons that I've been hoarding for years?


I guess not then!

Aren't toddlers fun! At the moment she is very fond of phrases like "No!", "Stop That!", "Go AWAY!" etc. She's a bit of a tyrant, the other children tend to just back down to her in order to save their eardrums from another of her screaming fits. What a little angel!

Anyways, here is a final photo of her in a more happy mood. She's modelling the Baby Jester hat I made for a friend's little boy.


It's a lovely pattern and great for beginners :-) I sized it up a little because he has a larger head than the "average" 1 year old and I wanted it to have enough room to fit for a while. Hopefully it will be keeping him warm for a few years to come :-)

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

I've been taking advantage of the snowy weather and spending a nice amount of time sat on the sofa with the fire on and some knitting or crochet in my hands. It's been lovely :-)

I've mainly been working on a dress for my 7 year old. I've basically used the Milo vest pattern and extended it and added few increases. She wanted something twirly, warm and homemade rather than anything particularly complex or challenging to knit. Still, given that she is 7, there is still quite a lot of stockinette knitting to do so at least it's fairly mindless and can be done in front of the tv watching a film!


The yarn is acrylic by Ice Yarns and comes in a variety of bright colours. Not the highest quality yarn in the world but perfectly serviceable :-) I think it works quite well for this sort of seamless knitting


I'm thinking of maybe doing an eyelets row at the bottom followed by a garter stitch border. Probably got another inch or two to go before I start that. It's growing so slowly now thanks to all the increases!

My other project at the moment is my on-going Granny square blanket. I've made another 3 and a bit squares so I've reached this month's target of crocheting 14 squares. I'm in no rush to get this blanket finished so I'm enjoying working on them as and when I'm in the mood. I think the middle one with the purple/pink and green is my favourite :-)


(I'll weave the ends in at the weekend probably. I like to have a small pile to do all at once lol)

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Friday, 18 January 2013

FO Friday Christmas Cardigan

Hi guys! Bit of a photo-heavy post coming up as I've not really got much to say at the moment lol. Here, finally, are the photos of my eldest's Christmas cardigan :-)


Apparently she's forgotten how to smile nicely now she's a huge 7 years old (I am rather in denial that she's so big already!)


Gappy mouth from more of her teeth falling out lol


Pattern is Saffron by Elena Nodel. Very straight forward pattern and probably quite good for stash busting as you could do the cuffs, edging and centre section in a contrasting yarn. I'd like to make some more of these as they're good for a quick project and a light-weight cardigan to wear over Summer dresses for example.


I made the size 5-6 years but I think I could probably have got away with the next size up. Not the end of the world though as it's long enough for her now and she's small for her age so should get a bit of use out of it before it's outgrown lol


I'm currently knitting a dress for her. I've finished the dungarees I was working on last time I posted but I need to get some buttons in the right size. I've also knitted a quick hat for a friend's little boy but I'm giving it to her today so don't want to spoil the surprise. Might see if she'll mind me putting a photo of him on my blog although if not I do have a couple of my little one modelling it ;-)

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Friday, 11 January 2013

FO Friday Owls jumper and some stash busting

I finished my Owls jumper!!


Oh I love it :-)


It keeps me so warm and cosy, perfect for the cold weather that's coming in


I made the body 20" from the underarms and although I can't remember the sleeve length I made sure that they were long enough that I could pull my hands inside to keep them warm. For a taller than "average" person I have a long torso and arms than shop bought clothes cater for so it's nice to have something custom fitted to just me :-) Fab. So pleased with it :-)


My other FO is this pair of longies made using my own pattern and yarn dyed by Woolly Wumpkins that has been in my stash for ages:


And here a few photos of my little girl modelling them. I say "little", she's going to be 2 at the end of March and is looking alarmingly grown up for my taste! She chatters away all the time bossing us about but can still make my heart melt by looking up at me with arms outstretched and saying "Mummy, cuggle!" (cuddle)


From the back:


And now some poses :-)



Who's the cutest??



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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello everyone! I've had a busy few days with both knitting and life generally. My current WIP is a bit of a stash busting one, Bayside Britches by Jennifer Pimental. I can't remember who dyed the yarn other than it was one of the many talented UK WAHM's!


I enjoyed knitting the top part with the trim yarn as well as the main colourway but I did keep getting in a tangle with all the different balls of yarn. I had to keep stopping to untangle.

I'm doing the half linen stitch option for the waistband. It helps hide the change in needle size from the bib section to the main part of the body and it looks rather nice too :-) There are a variety of other options in the pattern and experienced knitters could just knit their own favourite stitch pattern.

These will be for my youngest daughter. Either for her birthday at the end of March or possibly a little bit sooner if she keeps on growing at her current rate. I think all my children have shot up over the Christmas holidays, I suspect I'll need to buy lots of new school shoes for them soon lol

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year Rainbow longies

Originally uploaded by evel_lin
Not bad for just one day's worth of knitting! This morning I've cast off the first leg and am now working my way down the second. I've also sewn in the final ends on my Owls jumper and am now wearing it. Photos to follow on Friday... :-)

Friday, 4 January 2013

FO Friday, Two Christmas Jumpers

The first jumper I want to show you today is from the MKAL Elena Nodel did back in November. The pattern is called Magical and had several options for personalising it and making it more boyish or girly. Given mine was for a boy I went for the unisex option sleeves and body shape and did a single kangeroo pocket on the front which he loves


I love the little cable detail on the front


Showing off the cosy pocket :-)


And now pulling daft faces!


I really enjoyed this pattern and the mystery KAL. The construction of the jumper was unusual but straight forward as long as you did exactly what the instructions told you and just trusted them. I find this is the case for most of Elena's patterns, she gives a lot of detail so even beginners can make something beautiful.

I'd like to knit another one of these with the girly options for one of my daughters at some point. Perhaps for next Autumn/Winter :-)



My other Christmas jumper was using the Little Hoodlum pattern by Julia Stanfield. It was my second time knitting this pattern so I decided I'd go for the cabled raglan sleeves and the kangeroo pocket. (There was no way my youngest son would agree to a jumper without a pocket when his big brother had one!)


Made with an acrylic yarn and a little big for growing room. Yarn was Ice Magic Glitz


Can my children not pose sensibly for photos??


Apparently not! Anyways, it's a fab pattern with a good range of sizes and quick to knit up. My son is very pleased with his new jumper :-)


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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

Happy New Year everyone :-)

I've got two WIP's at the moment. The first up are my scrappy granny squares. I set myself a target of making 14 this month and I've already made 12 of them! I still need to weave in the ends though


My other project is my Owls sweater. I had to stop knitting over Christmas because I ran out of yarn (serves me right for not measuring myself before ordering!). However, my yarn arrived this morning so I've gone straight back to the second sleeve. I've finally worked out how to magic loop which I'm rather pleased with. I read somewhere it's similar to knitting with two circular needles which I'm very confident with and some how after reading that something clicked in my brain. Isn't it fun lol


Not the best photo but the light here is rubbish and I wanted to get this post done.

Aside from the above two projects I have one final goal for January and that is knit a dress for my eldest daughter's birthday. She's going to be 7 next week and has chosen a colour changing yarn in shades of blue. I expect it will take me a while to finish as I think I'm going to have to make the pattern up myself (probably tweaking a pattern I have already tbh!)

That's it for me. For other WIP Wednesday posts please visit Tami's Amis. I'll hopefully be back on Friday with some FO  photos to show you of my children in their Christmas jumpers. Cross your fingers for a break in the rain so I can get some outside!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My New Year Project

Originally uploaded by evel_lin
Need to finish this blanket :-) Have decided not to bother doing a navy edge round each square but instead will just join them all together using the navy yarn for slip stitching. Have also decided I want it to be 14 x 10 squares. I've completed 56/140 and have another 8 squares I need to sew the ends in.

(The final blanket will have a more balanced and harmonious arrangement!!)


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