Thursday, 5 February 2009

Not yet nesting

35 Weeks pregnant but still not getting round to making much for Bump. My second child arrived on his due date so I doubt I'm going to go overdue. I'm procrastinating quite a lot at the moment. Give me a couple more weeks and I'll be panicking ;-)

I got this beautiful yarn this morning:


It was a custom dye from For the Love of Fibre. I choose 1ply uruguay merino and asked for a "peacocky" type colourway. Holly has excelled herself, it's beautiful and perfect for making some cute longies out of. I'll wait until Bump has arrived though so I'll know the right measurements and can add a bit of extra growing room too. There should be enough for a cute hat as well.

Speaking of hats, I had some yarn left over from the longies in my previous post. I took the advice of a couple of people who suggested ruffles and this is what I came up with:


I'm 99% certain the ruffles are the same length but no matter how many times I count the rows one always seems to look bigger than the other. Might try blocking them a bit after they've been lanolised.

Anyways, hats. Or rather a hat. For my gorgeous little boy:


It's a tri-peak hat from a free pattern by Woolly Wormhead.

A lovely pattern to knit. Basically just a tube with a fancy crocheted bind off at the top to get the peaks. I've never done that technique before but it was very easy and quick.

The pattern said it needed 50g of yarn, well I had exactly 50g of the plain purple colourway and didn't want to risk running out so I added a couple of stripey sections in the varigated colourway. I also made the hat a bit longer than the 7 inches suggested by the pattern cos in the past I've made hats which turn out too short and any extra on this one can be rolled up into the brim.

I think he likes it:


It's the first hat I've made him that he's happy to wear. Seriously, this boy normally hates hats but he is currently sitting in the lounge, hat on head and cuddling his Iggle Piggle toy. It's got a bit of growing room so he can wear it next year and it covers his ears nicely. Woo :-)


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