Monday, 17 August 2009

Bluebell Skirty

I love this Babylonglegs colourway :-)


I got loads of knitting done this weekend but the other things are still WIP's so not photos yet. Going to make a cup of tea now

Thursday, 13 August 2009


You know I said I've got lots of yarn at the moment and don't really need any more. Well tonight I've just ordered 1.1kg! Some from Sarah at Babylonglegs and some more from Alison at Pixieknits. I really need to get knitting!

However, in my defence, some of that is for orders and my customs list is full til October so theoretically it will get used soon-ish.

No idea where I'm going to put it though! Do you think the baby would mind sharing his cot? He doesn't really need all that room does he? Or would he try to eat it?

I think I have a problem :-o

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Recent customs

X-large soaker in Babylongleg's Iris colourway


Absolutely stunning colourway, definately one of my favourites. I love the patterning of the colours and it makes me think of sunshine and Spring :-)


These longies are in Babylongleg's Gothika colourway with bell ruffle cuffs.

My shop is closed for the next 3 weeks to give me a chance to catch up on orders and also to go on holiday! We're renting a house with the in-laws in Dover for a week so fingers crossed we get lots of sunshine!


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