Wednesday, 30 November 2016


It's got proper chilly these past couple of days. I'm making use of my knitted socks, sweaters, shawls, gloves, hats... It's a good time of year to be a knitter lol.

Having said that I'm not really knitting much because I'm not enjoying my current projects particularly but I want them finished before I'm allowing myself to cast on anything else! I'm desperate to cast on a sweater for me, maybe I'll get some yarn for it in the post-Christmas sales as a reward for finishing my other projects lol.

I've got another pair of socks to share today. These are knitted using a colourway called "Berry Splash" from Devon Sun Yarns. Mr Soaring Sheep bought it for me as a surprise present :-)


I cast these on at the end of August when I was getting over a nasty ear infection. I wanted something simple and pretty to knit and these fitted the brief.


I like how the colours merge together, so pretty :-)

My current WIP is still these TAAT socks. They have grown since I last shared them but not a lot. Maybe I'll feel better about them when I've got past the heels


I think this afternoon I'll sit down for a bit with a podcast to watch and try to get to the start of the heels. The sooner I put some time into them the sooner I'll be able to finish them and cast on something new.

Anyone have any tips for motivating yourself when you're not enjoying a project?

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  1. The best ways for me to motivate myself to knit are to either stream something I enjoy (just finished Grace and Frankie on Netflix) or listen to an audiobook.
    I love the stripey socks. The colors are gorgeous!

  2. love the striped socks!! I am on the hunt for some big stripes in socks, I guess I have to buy on line, in the stores they don't carry what is in my imagination.

  3. As one knitting friend clued me in on: the power of candy! Specifically M&Ms. She 'rewards' herself with an M&M every time she finishes a row.

  4. Those socks look amazing, I am always in awe and do so wish that I could do socks.

  5. I like how that first sock yarn is dyed. The stripes are clean but not typical where it's just one color.

  6. I love Devon sun yarn and that colourway is splendid. If I'm not enjoying a project, I put it down for a bit.

  7. Love the berry splash yarn, very nice.

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