Monday, 17 February 2014

A new project - Celebrations Jumper

I finished my Abernathy jumper yesterday and instead of being sensible and working on my existing WIP's I just HAD to cast on this idea. I'd mentioned during my Abernathy that I was playing around with "barber pole" striping in order to minimise pooling and fix the problem of having non matching skeins of yarn. Well this new project is making use of the technique to make a completely random, technicolour jumper
I'm using my stash of left over aran/worsted weight yarns and as soon as one colour runs out I'm adding another one. I'm trying to chose colourways that work well next to each other but I'm sure as I work my way through the scraps the combinations will become increasingly random. I'm using the Little Hoodlum pattern again because it's so well written. Technically the pattern is for DK yarn but it works fine with slightly thicker yarns too. So why am I calling it the Celebrations Jumper? Well it's because I'm using an old tin of Celebrations Chocolates left over from Christmas to store the tiny balls of yarn in!
Stash busting and recycling, I think that's something to celebrate lol :-)


  1. I am a huge fan of bright colors! And they are even better when they come from leftover stash. This sweater is off to a fabulous start!

  2. Genius! Love it! Its similar to a jumper/hoodie ive made before - pattern looks great! x

  3. Creative way to use the barber pole method to prevent polling. Fun colors.


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