Wednesday, 15 June 2016

FO - Father's Day Socks

I've not really been knitting much lately, hence the lack of blogging! I haven't had anything to show you! However I thought I'd get my act together today and show you the socks I've made for Mr Soaring Sheep for Father's Day this coming weekend


The colours look almost subdued in these photos which is a shame. They've got lots of sparkle in them which seems to have dyed the same colour as the yarn so in some places it's gold and others it's more of a silvery-grey


The yarn is from Countess Ablaze and is called "Big Fish in a Little Pond". I originally bought it for me but Mr Soaring Sheep was eyeing it up so I thought I'd order a second skein for him. I'll knit my skein up into a more patterned sock I think so we can tell them apart!


In the top left corner you can see a square I've made using the left over yarn. I've got 64 squares finished in my sock yarn banket now. I'm still ignoring the ends so I'll need to do a lot of weaving in at some point! I can't remember how many squares I'm aiming for but I want the blanket to be big enough for an adult to snuggle up under so still got a way to go. I'm enjoying seeing how the different yarn colours contrast with each other. Hopefully I'll have some more finished socks soon so I can get some more squares done. I'm still resisting buying mini skeins, even though they are very very tempting!


Hope you all have a good week and if you're in the UK then I hope you get to escape the rain we keep getting!

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  1. great socks for the mr. but i LOVE that awesome blanket!! i should look into doing something like that, i have tons of leftover yarn (but not from socks)!!!! i haven't tackled those yet!!!

  2. Very cool socks! Your blanket looks amazing. You'll have to find a good movie and just weave in all the ends when you are done :-)

  3. love the socks!! and that blanket is super de duper fantastic :) :)

  4. Pip is lookin' like a tween now! Your sock blanket is terrific. What tremendous progress you've made on it. The pair of socks made me smile; its colorway is appropriately named.

  5. Fantastic socks! Your blanket looks really great, scrappy blankets are so much fun to make aren't they!

  6. Handsome socks, adorable boy!!! And the blanket looks so neat, well, except for all the ends.

  7. I love your socks. I have fun knitting socks for my hubby too! Your blanket is awesome!!!

  8. Love the socks, the yarn is beautiful but by far my favourite is the wonderful blanket, such a delight with its beautiful array of colours.

  9. Your sock yarn blanket is gorgeous and I'm sure it won't be long until you are able to snuggle under it!

  10. Great socks. LOVE the puppy photo


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