Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy hooking and some yarn

It was my birthday yesterday and the lovely Mr Soaring Sheep bought me some beautiful hand dyed sock yarn


As you can see it's by Laughing Yaffle and the colourway is named "Berry Stripe". It's a self striping sock yarn which is super exciting and it's in my favourite colours too. Well done to Mr Soaring Sheep!


Plus can you see the silver sparkle too? I LITERALLY squealed when I opened up this present lol. I've already wound it into a ball and as I spent the morning finishing Mr Soaring Sheep's socks (hmm... that was cunning of him, buy me pretty yarn so I have to finish his socks before I can use it...) I can cast on this afternoon. Squee!

I'm not even going to do a fancy pattern, just plain vanilla socks so I can enjoy the stripes to the max :-D

Ahem. Well so it's a post with a bit of crafting content rather than me cooing over pretty yarn, here's a picture of my cushion WIP.


I've measured my cushion pad and the spotty front crochet square is a little too small so I'm going to do a few extra rows to frame it, probably echoing the same style as the back. The back is just simple rounds of treble crochet and alternating between the spots colours and cream. Simple but pretty :-) I think I need to do another 5 rounds+ before it's the right size.

I need to go make some lunch now or the children will start gnawing on the furniture ;-) Happy crafting everyone and hop over to Keep Calm Craft On if you want some crafty inspiration :-)


  1. Happy birthday! What lovely yarn, can't wait to see WIP photos.

    1. Thank you :) I've not had much time to knit with it this afternoon but it's already looking wonderful :-D

  2. Happy Birthday! Mr Soaring Sheep did a fantastic job on picking out the perfect gift. :))
    Love how your cushion is turning out!

    1. Thank you :) He did didn't he, I think I'll keep him lol

  3. 🎂 A hau'oli la hanau to you. That is a great la hanau present. It reminds me of your daughter's color work cardigan.

  4. happy birthday! what great yarn. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! What a great present :)

  6. happy birthday and many many more! Love the skein of yarn, so pretty :)

  7. I love all of these wonderfully colorful makings! What talent!


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