Monday, 21 October 2013

Productive Weekend!

The weather is a bit pants here at the moment so instead of going out for a walk this weekend we stayed at home so I got some time to working on my WIP's. I've finished the current shawl clue, final one comes out tomorrow *excited*

After that I decided I wanted to work on my bag some more and it's almost finished!


It's big and floppy and colourful and wonderful :) I'm now finishing off the second handle and then I'll probably do the flower decorations too before sewing it together


Today though I've got an ill little boy at home who has been very patiently reminding me I need to finish his blanket so I thought I'd sew together a few rows so it looks like I'm making some progress. I've crocheted almost half the squares now so have a little pile to sew together :)


Geez the light is terrible at the moment, I do apologise! I'm slip stitching the squares together with some blue yarn because I find it faster than sewing. I'm just joining them width-wise at the moment and then when that's finished I'll do the other direction. I've not bothered blocking them because it's a blanket, it's going to get crumpled anyway and I'm lazy! I might pin it out when it's finished and hover over it with a steam iron but probably not!

Does anyone else have some cheerful coloured projects on the go in this gloomy weather?


  1. I love how your son loves his mama's handcrafted blankets. I also liked that cute, red border on the bag. Great socks you're wearing.

    1. Thanks :) I've always got colourful socks on, probably one of the reason I've enjoyed making my own


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