Monday, 7 October 2013

An Autumnal Walk

I'm still feeling under the weather with my cough and now a cold starting too. I've not been sleeping that well either so feeling a bit sorry for myself! I've done a bit of crafting but I'll show that another day. Today I'd like to share some photos of a walk we went on at the weekend :)


Not quite sure what was so interesting lol


The trees are only just starting to change colour




Couldn't believe how brave this heron was, we were able to get so close to it






The next clue for the Booknits MKAL comes out tomorrow. I'm hoping to do some more work on my colourwork cardigan today, I finished the first sleeve yesterday and have already cast on the next one. Unfortunately though my next job is tackling the pile of ironing which isn't nearly as fun! Hey ho!

Have a good week everyone, hopefully I'll be back with some actual knitting/crochet photos soon :)


  1. Sorry you're I'll. Coughs suck as they let you have no sleep. And now the cold's coming out? Yikes. If you look on Pinterest, Epsom salts in a hot bath help you detox or my friend's tried apple cider vinegar mixed with water and whatever helps stop her cold.
    We have aggressive birds here that have no qualms going up to ppl for food. They get fed a lot in the park.

  2. thanks :) I'm probably going to have a hot bath and an early night later. Feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment but not so much that I can't see how much of a silly fuss I'm making lol

    We sometimes encounter birds like that although most seem to be shyer. They can be rather intimidating en masse!


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