Thursday, 17 October 2013

Moar yarnz

The cotton yarn I ordered at the same time as the acrylic arrived this morning. Sorry Wool Warehouse but you're just not as fast as Deramores. Lovely yarn though :-)


Going in columns from the left there is: Violet, Cardinal, Tangerine, Candy Pink, Orange, Royal, Green, Nougat, Light Green, Brown. In the next bag there is Fuschia, Sky Blue, Red, Light Yellow and Rose. The yarn is Rico Creative Cotton Aran and is going to be used to crochet some things for Christmas hopefully, if I can find the time :-S I really want to make some Festive Bunting from Attic24 and there is also a pattern for some Russian dolls in my Molly Makes book that I fancy having a go at later, although they are written for 4ply rather than aran weight so might have to do some reworking. Regardless, it's a collection of colours that I like and will enjoy using for a variety of projects :)

I also got the final instalment from the Flamboyance Yarns sock club the other day. It's an absolutely beautiful colourway called "Moody Purples"


Today I'm working on my shawl I think. I'm just about to start row 9 out of 24. Luckily all the purl rows are un-patterned but depressingly they are slower than the lace rows for me! I guess I'm so fond of knitting in the round that my purling speed just isn't that good. Oh well, I'm still enjoying it so that's all that matters lol


  1. What a happy array of colors. Great skein. Reminds me of a mood ring. Purling takes an extra bit of swing in the hand.

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it. Yes that is true with purling although I do think I'm slower despite that because I don't do it as much

  2. Nothing is better than receiving yarn in the post x


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