Monday, 14 October 2013

Cause and Effect

Also known as, "the yarn made me do it".

I have a problem. I don't do well when I have too many WIP's. I have 4 at the moment plus several rather urgent ones I need to get started on. The problem is that when I have too many WIP's, none of them seem to grow quickly enough so my attention starts wandering. I start dreaming of other things to make. I start browsing ravelry, adding things to my queue...

Then I cast on a "quick project" just for the fun of it. Like a bag


It's fairly fast, it's simple, it uses up my scrap yarns. What a great idea. But you see, there is now another problem. I don't have enough acrylic scraps in "my" colours


There's really nothing else I can do. I HAD to order more yarn, so I can finish my scrappy bag because otherwise I'll have to work on the other WIP's I'm supposed to be working on.

THIS is why I can't have too many WIP's! I've got 4 miles of yarn on the way. Some acrylic, some cotton. All for crocheted blankets, cushions, bags, decorations and various other projects I simply must cast on right now.

I am of course highly embarrassed at my lack of self control. But I am really really looking forward to my fluffy post arriving soon :-D


  1. haha oh boy, have I been there! That's a very happy scrappy bag.

  2. Yes, I totally agree. In fact, if I start using up scraps (yarn or fabric), mostly there is more material left afterwards than I had before. This is happening with a cardigan I'm knitting with sock yarn. I had seen sock yarn in the thrift store and bought some skeins, that would match the material I already had. Now I couls knit three cardigans.

    I'm sewing Santa stockings this afternoon (four to be precise) and I really used up some fabric! :-)

    1. Lol glad it's not just me that does it then! I guess at least yarn doesn't go off, and I'm sure those 3 cardigans will be absolutely lovely when you make them ;-)

      I'd love to explore sewing a bit more but I don't want to risk ending up with a stash of fabric to rival my yarn stash, there's only so much room in the house. Your stockings sound interesting :)

  3. *smiles* I usually give my scrap yarn to the childcare teacher who teaches some how to knit.


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