Friday, 11 October 2013


It turns out my littlest doesn't have chicken pox after all. We're wondering if it could be insect bites or possibly viral. Either way I guess it's a relief that she doesn't have it, although I would prefer her to get it sooner than later. We don't vaccinate for it in the UK routinely so it's better if people can have it mildly in childhood than in later life. My Mum had it as an adult and it wasn't much fun for her to say the least!

Anyways, on the crafting front I don't really have much I can show you. I've done a couple of squares, a few rounds on my sock but mainly I've been working on my MKAL shawl. I've finished the second clue now, it's starting to get more and more lacy, I'm very excited for next Tuesday when the third clue comes out.

So this post isn't entirely wordy I thought I'd share a photo of the amaryllis flower that lives in my kitchen at the moment. It's so bright and happy and it practically glows when the sunlight comes through it :-)


Pop back tomorrow if you fancy hearing about the "sweet tea" we made for the children tonight. It was rather well received ;-)


  1. Oh, hur-rah on not having chicken pox! Poor baby breaking out like that. It's frustrating to not know why. That is a beautiful flower full of vitality.

  2. That is good to hear she doesn't have chicken pox but I can understand why you would want her to have them now rather than later as an adult! Your flowers are very pretty!


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