Friday, 18 April 2014

FO - Summer-y Spring Time in Hollis

I've got a beautiful pattern/yarn combination to show you today. The yarn was a custom dye by Babylonglegs to match a dress that my eldest daughter had when she was a toddler. My eldest is now 8 years old and I've finally used the yarn to make a cardigan for her little sister




DSC_0319  DSC_0323  DSC_0321


It's such a beautiful pattern, it knits up quickly and is perfect for showing off beautiful hand dyed yarns.


As you can see I made the hoodless version as I was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn. I also omitted the drawstring and instead did 5 rows of moss stitch at the waist before changing to the larger needles used for the lattice stitch pattern



I wasn't entirely sure about the pooling on the arms when I was knitting it but I think it looks alright when it's being worn



I love the eyelet detail used to make the raglan increases, such a pretty effect


Thought I should probably get a couple of quick photos of the dress the yarn was dyed to match, sorry for the picture overload!

DSC_0386  DSC_0396

^can you see one of our cats hiding behind the chair? He's a soppy boy called Raggles who spends most of his time indoors unless it's sunny enough for him to sunbathe outside >.<


The dress was handmade although I'm not sure by whom, it was a gift from my Mum who bought it in Covent Garden. It's reversible too and is plain blue on the other side but it has pretty pockets with the red flower fabric :-)

Thanks for wading through such a photo heavy post! I'm really pleased with this cardigan and wish I'd got round to knitting up this beautiful yarn sooner. One of the nice things about "Cold Sheeping" is that I get to use up the lovely yarns that I've been hoarding for so long. I reached 6 months last Friday and plan to carry on until I get to 9 months and then see how I feel.

I'm going to be linking this post in today with Fibre Arts Friday, Creative Friday and FO Friday. We're off out for a picnic in a bit, it's a 4 day weekend because of Easter so we're hopefully going to make the most of the sunshine. Have a nice weekend everyone, thanks for dropping by :-)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday I showed you how my crochet WIP is progressing so today I thought I'd share my knitting WIP's.


I'm just doing a row here and there when I'm in the mood. My Rye sock is about an inch away from needing to start the heel. It's a good project to work on while keeping an eye on the children when they play outside.

My Out of Darkness shawl hasn't had much attention really because lace and small children is not a good combination! I think I can probably manage a few more rows before they go back to school, as long as they don't need beads.

I'm linking in with Tami and Ginny today so hop over to their blogs for more crafty posts.

I'm hoping to take advantage of the sunshine today and get some photos of my latest FO to share on Friday. It's a colourful cardigan for my littlest girl :-) Have a good day everyone

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sunny days

Spring is my favourite time of year and sunny Spring days like we've been having recently are just perfect. I've been enjoying sitting out in the garden and looking at the flowers (even if some of them have been nibbled on!)


These tulips are some of my favourites. I think you're supposed to lift the bulbs every year but these ones are in the same pot as some Summer flowering lily bulbs so I've never timed it right with lifting them and not disturbing the others. I'd love to have a garden full of different tulip bulbs just planted in clusters


The colours just scream "happy" to me lol. The place where they are positioned gets some afternoon sun and they absolutely glow when the light catches them. Gorgeous :-)


Our raspberry canes are continuing to multiply. We're not going away for a Summer holiday this year so I'm hoping we get to munch on lots of fresh berries :-)


It won't be long before the flowers come out


I've been joining my spotty squares together. I had lots of fun arranging the colours


Just a simple slip stitch join on the back, I've got 4 more rows to go and then I can start making the other side of my cushion


Have a good day everyone :-) Visit Keep Calm Craft On for more crafty posts

Friday, 11 April 2014

Spotty Friday

I thought it would be a good idea to make all the spots I need for my cushion cover in one go and then I can do all the edgings and sew in the ends


But now I'm looking at all these circles knowing each one will have 4 ends to sew in and I'm slightly regretting it! Might just work on my socks instead >.<


No FO's to show you this week I'm afraid. I have finished the cardigan I was making but I've not decided on buttons yet so it will probably be next week when I show it to you. Goodness knows when this spotty cushion will be finished! I'm definitely doing something faster for the back! Probably a solid granny square or something.

Joining in with Creative Friday and Fiber Arts Friday

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Too Many WIP's!

I'm feeling a bit scatter-brained with all my WIP's at the moment. I should probably focus on finishing them one at a time but actually I'm quite enjoying knitting a few rows here, hooking a couple of squares there... I would like to get back to 3 WIP's by the end of the month though, a complicated knit, a simple knit and a crochet project.


These spotty squares are going to be a cushion cover for the sofa. I originally thought I'd need it to be 8 squares wide but now I think I can get away with 7. Means I'm over halfway there through making the squares now :-D Weaving in all the ends takes forever though!


This colourful project is a Spring Time in Hollis cardigan. I'm deliberately not showing you too much of it because it's knitting up beautifully and I want to show it off properly when it's finished. The yarn has been sitting around in my stash since my eldest daughter was a toddler (she's now 8!). I'll tell you a bit more about it's story at a later date


Next up is a poor photo of an Out of Darkness shawl I'm making for my Mum. It's more or less stalled at the moment as I'm about to start the lace section and it's the Easter holidays so trying to concentrate on something is more or less impossible when there are lots of small people around! I'll probably work on it some more after they've gone back to school


I've finished this sock for Mr Soaring Sheep and I'm now working on it's pair. Made a mistake when casting off and missed out a whole stage of the stretchy cast off I was using. Had to unpick it last night and re-do it because he couldn't get the socks past his heel. Whoops!


Finally, these squares have been a hibernating project that I decided to dig out and work on again. Unfortunately my gauge seems to have changed since I last worked on them so my new square is smaller. I guess I might have used a slightly bigger hook before but I don't think so. I guess I could try gently steaming it to see if I can block it to the right size. Then again it's going to be a sofa blanket so it doesn't really need to be perfect anyway, as long as it keeps my legs warm I'm happy!


Once your eyes have recovered from all these garishly bright (over exposed) pictures you might want to hop over to Keep Calm Craft On, WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along to see what other people are working on this week :-)

I'm not sure when I'll be posting again as I don't think I'll have any FO's for Friday and taking photos with little helpers around is tricky! I was in the middle of taking one photo when my little boy decided to empty a tin of dominoes all over my knitting >.< Anyways, have a good week everyone and I'll see you again soon

Sunday, 6 April 2014

If at first you don't succeed

Frog it and try again >.<


This collection of yarn was a Capricious cardigan. I wasn't happy with it. The fit wasn't right, it needed to be longer and I just wasn't wearing it.

Now I won't have it glaring at me unloved from the wardrobe, it's full of potential again. I've even got a pattern in mind for it.

I'm looking forward to knitting it into something beautiful :-)

Friday, 4 April 2014

FO - Mystery KAL socks (Hailstones socks)

I cast on these socks back at the start of February to join in with a mystery KAL but ended up working on other projects and falling behind. Eventually though I had a little peak at other people's finished socks and after seeing how gorgeous they were I decided I needed to get mine finished quickly!


The yarn is actually more purple than the photos show. You also can't see the silver thread running through it either which is a shame as it's so pretty. I love having sparkly socks!


The socks are top down with a slip stitch pattern for the heel flap. I knit socks a little looser than the designer does so I went down a needle size and also made the small size over 63 stitches as I normally use even smaller needles over 64 stitches for my standard vanilla socks. It worked perfectly and I've got a lovely fitting pair of socks :-)


The stitch pattern is very easy to knit so would be fine for a beginner sock knitter looking to build up their confidence. I love the way it spirals around the leg and then down onto the foot


I'm very pleased with this latest addition to my knitted sock collection and rather tempted to make another pair!

Ravelry project page: here
Pattern page: here
Yarn: "Deep Purple" by Flamboyance yarns on their meteor base

Ooo and my new sock blockers made by Mr Soaring Sheep for my Mother's day present last weekend :-) Isn't he a sweetie!

Joining in with Fiber Arts Friday, FO Friday and Creative Friday.

Today I'm working on my Mum's shawl I think, I'm almost ready to start the lace section. I'll probably stop at that point though and work on Mr Soaring Sheep's socks which require less concentration. Last day of term for the children today so hoping we get some sunshine during their Easter holidays. I don't think that will be the case for this weekend though, lots of rain forecast :-S Have a good weekend everyone

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hi everyone, I've got a bit of a headache at the moment so this is just going to be a quick post. As you can see I've got 3 projects on the go at the moment


The little crochet circles at the top are going to be for a cushion. I've made 25 of them now although I still haven't sewn any ends in. That's going to take me a while I think! I'm aiming for 64 to make an 8x8 arrangement for the front of the cushion. The back will be a solid granny square. I'm using this free pattern for the circles and edging.

The sock for my husband I blogged about yesterday and it hasn't really grown much since then. I'm hoping to get the first sock finished by this time next week. It's a nice simple pattern to work on.

The red project on the left is another new one. It's a shawl for my Mum. The yarn is left over from my Morticia MKAL that I did in the Autumn last year. I only used about 50g of the skein (Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in the Cherry colourway) and as I didn't want another shawl the same colour I asked my Mum if she'd like one. She chose the Out of Darkness pattern which is also by Booknits. I think I'll make it without the picot edging this time though as it's so fiddly and time consuming! I'm enjoying having another lace shawl on the needles again although I'm not sure if I'll be feeling the same way when I'm closer to the end and attaching hundreds of beads lol.

For other crafting posts visit WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along :-) I'll be back on Friday with some lace socks to show you :-)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Keep Calm Craft On

There's something very relaxing about sock knitting. The rows aren't long, you can keep the sock as plain or as complicated as you want and they knit up very quickly. My latest pair of socks were inspired by Hege's Rye socks. The pattern is a free one on ravelry but is actually written for aran weight yarn. Hege used the same idea for her socks but made them with fingering weight yarn.


I'm using one of the yarn club colourways from Flamboyance Yarns, this one is called "The Rocks and the Water" which is very good description for the colours I think.

As you can probably tell from the photos the socks will be for Mr Soaring Sheep. He's been a very appreciative "knitted socks receiver" so I thought I'd make him another pair. At the moment I'm working my way up the leg. I've used my preferred toe up pattern over 64 stitches with a gusset heel and have the garter stitch section going over 20 stitches


I'm enjoying having a mindless knitting pattern on the go for those times when your hands need to be busy but your brain isn't able to concentrate on anything complicated. It's meditative and soothing.

I'm linking in with Nicole's Keep Calm Craft On link up today. I'm feeling very low on energy at the moment, a combination of the clocks going forward, end of term grumps from the children and various other stresses. I'm looking forward to the Easter holidays starting and being able to relax and chill out with my family :-) Hopefully we'll get some sunshine and have some nice days out. Have a good week everyone

Monday, 31 March 2014

Inspiration Monday

 Today I'd like to share my inspiration for my latest project. It's not a particularly original idea but it's one that's been buzzing around my head for a while. It started after seeing the gorgeous POP blanket by Tin Can Knits. Happy bright coloured circles with a plain white border.

I was in more of a crochet mood though and I fancied making a cushion instead. I loved Hazel's Cobblestones cushion but the circles weren't quite what I had in mind. Luckily ravelry came to my aid with this free pattern for a circle in a square. Perfect!

Right, now to decide on colours... then I remembered Tikki knits recent post featuring a gorgeous log cabin blanket that she'd knitted. Well inspired by that I had a rummage around in my yarn stash and pulled out these colours


After a bit of hooking later I came up with some of these happy little squares.


They're so cute! I'm going to join them together to make the front of a cushion and then the back will be a giant sized solid granny square I think. Probably a row of a circle colour and then a cream row in between. I've also got an idea for a border but I'm going to keep it up my sleeve for a while. I'll see how the cushion turns out first.

So a bit of a convoluted post today but thought it might be interesting! For more inspirational posts visit A Baby Smile's Inspiration Monday posts


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