Thursday, 16 April 2015


I was going to show you some photos I took the other day of my colourful tulips in the pots at the front of my house but I've just been hanging out some washing and spotted lots of interesting things in the back garden I wanted to show you. I hope you forgive my plant related posts, I'm just so happy to have my own garden and to watch things coming to life :-)


I was ever so excited to spot that my Bleeding Heart has started to grow flowers. Hopefully it's quite happy where I've planted it and it will keep coming back year after year. If not, well at least I can make the most of it this year :-)


My bergenia is also starting to flower. A bit later than some of the other gardens round here but it will give some colour as the daffodils go over and the tulips are still developing


The flowering quince is still covered in buds and flowers, what a wonderful plant. The bees love it too, I stood there for a while watching them and listening to their humming and a distant wood pigeon


Three houses ago we lived up in Yorkshire and Mr Soaring Sheep bought me a flowering cherry tree (prunus amanogawa) for my birthday one year. The plan was we'd keep it in a pot and then plant it in our first house's garden. Well it's been a long time but we were so glad to finally be able to put it in the ground. I think it's happy there too as it's rewarding us with lots of blossom and bright green leaves




Mr Soaring Sheep comes home this evening after being away for 4 days. I don't really like this new routine of him being away so long but it is nice to have him around all day on Fridays. He's got Monday and Tuesday off as holiday next week so we're going to hopefully have a couple of days out as well as getting the lounge decorated. We've chosen quite a strong, dark colour. I think the room can take it but it's a little scary making such a statement. I'll show you when it's finished. Unless it's hideous and I need to get some white paint on the walls quickly lol.

I've got some knitting done on Mr Soaring Sheep's socks, I'll have to put them away soon as they're a surprise. The colours are slightly more vibrant than this picture shows


I much prefer toe up knitting, it suits my brain better I think ;-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wednesday WIP

Thank you for the birthday wishes to my little boy. He did quite well in the end and had 3 birthday-days due to my husband being away and fitting in everything. We did his birthday cake on Sunday and very nice it was too



Ok so it's not going to win any awards for presentation but it was just what he asked for, and you can't really go wrong with chocolate ganache can you lol.

We've had some glorious sunshine lately so we've been enjoying going to the park or sitting out in the garden. I've finished my sock and I'm now on to the second one


The fish lips kiss heel is amazing and I'm finding myself wanting to knit more and more socks so I decided to select a few skeins to wind up


Should keep me going for a little while yes? This blue is for Mr Soaring Sheep, I'm going to give them to him on Father's day



3 happy yarn cakes on a shelf waiting to be used. And the blue I'm going to cast on as I've bought myself a second pair of sock needles. Means I can work on them in secret when Mr Soaring Sheep is away but I can still have some socks to knit on at the weekends. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;-)


Happy crafting everyone, hop over to Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along for more crafting posts. I'm going to cast on the blue socks and watch the next Truly Myrtle podcast

Sunday, 12 April 2015


We've had such a lovely weekend. We did a spot of shopping on Saturday, acquiring paint for decorating the lounge next weekend and new shoes for the children to wear this Summer. We had our first evening meal outside enjoying the garden :-)


 Today we had a roast for lunch and then headed off to our allotment to plant some onion sets. Some of the garlic cloves we planted recently have already started to grow. I'm looking forward to when the brown earth is covered in lush green plants



When we got home it was time to make a birthday cake for my smallest boy who turned 6 on Wednesday. I made a chocolate ganache to ice it and then we decorated it with dolly mixture sweeties. I think I got a picture of it on my proper camera so I'll load it up later to show you if it's turned out ok.


 This evening Mr Soaring Sheep and I are looking forward to snuggling on the sofa with a cold drink and watching Poldark. I might have a bit of a crush on the main actor Aidan Turner ;-)

I've edged my Tully cardigan and done the short row cap for the top of the sleeve. I actually had to do it twice because I picked up 2 too few stitches which meant my count was off and I didn't realise until I was a good way in. It's nice and simple to knit again now so good for watching tv at the same time.


Or I might get this sock finished instead.


Toodles :)

Friday, 10 April 2015

5 on Friday

I'm joining in with Amy's 5 on Friday post today. I wanted to show you the 5 new plants I bought to go in my garden. I posted about my garden last week if you want to see what it's looking like now :-)

First up is a delphinium. I love the colour of these and as my garden isn't really big enough for lots shrubs to give it height I thought this would look good.


I've also got foxgloves, lupins and lillies scattered around as well so I'm hoping for lots of colour this Summer. My eldest daughter chose this particular coloured delphinium.

Next up is this teeny little Bleeding Heart. I have tried growing these once before when we lived up in Yorkshire. I can't remember if it flowered or not but it certainly didn't survive it's first Winter. I'm hoping I'll have more success this time


Numbers 3 and 4 are both Ranunculus's. My youngest son and I had a disagreement about which colour looked best. I thought this orange one was beautiful


My son preferred the white one


Given my Mum has said in the past that it's good to have white flowers in the garden to help make the other colours pop out more and Mr Soaring Sheep was feeling generous we decided to get both. They've got lots of buds growing up from the base so hopefully we'll get lots of flowers from these over the next few weeks

Last but not least is a Bergenia. My garden spends a lot of the day in shade, especially near the patio where I've planted this. Hopefully it will spread and add colour and texture to that part of the garden


So that's my 5 on Friday, hop over to Amy's post to see what other people are writing about :-) Have a good weekend everyone :-)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wednesday's WIP's

I'm still on the same two WIP's as last week. They have grown a bit but with the Tully cardigan especially it's hard to see a difference


As you can see I've turned the heel on my sock. I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel for the first time and WOW I love it! Very simple to work and so neat looking. Plus it fits well too which is always useful lol


I think I'm a convert! If any of you are thinking of trying it then I'd highly recommend it. It's a kind of short row heel but slightly different technique to what I've done before.

Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along. I've had a busy day catching the bus into town with the children for a certain young man's birthday. Mr Soaring Sheep is working away so we're going to celebrate his birthday properly on Friday. Today we went on the bus, had fast food for lunch, visited the book shop and the sweet shop and had a walk by the river. Lovely :-)


I'm going to enjoy having a cold drink and a chance to put my feet up for a bit :)


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