Friday, 6 March 2015

A quick Friday FO

I've not got particularly good pictures of this FO because I finished it Wednesday evening and promptly gave it to my FIL before he left. You can sort of see how it turned out though :)




Not even blocked, what a mess lol. It's like showing you pictures of my ironing pile or something :-p

At least FIL seemed to like it...


Although judging from that photo perhaps not lol. Oh well, it's finished and will keep his head cosy which is the main thing. I based this hat on the Wooly Owl hat pattern but added a few extra stitches to make it fit an adult sized head. I kept the ear flaps the same size though. I used some cascade 220 yarn left over from my Romantika cardigan. The blue was left over from some longies I think, not sure!

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Garden - March 2015

Yesterday was a lovely Spring day, not particularly warm yet but it was sunny and the air was fresh :-) Inspired by Daisychain's post I thought I'd share some photos of my garden at the moment


The purple polyanthus's were originally one plant but a couple of years ago I brutally divided it and now I've got lots of them :-)


So delicate :-)



 The polyanthus's in this pot were bought as little plug plants so I've no idea which colours are going to develop. It's exciting watching them unfurl



These next pots are outside the front of the house so get a lot more sunlight. I think the tulips are black ones (Queen of Night?) but I may have muddled them up somewhere else!





I love this time of year :-D

Thank you for the comments on my last entry. We had my in-laws round yesterday so it was a bit busy. I did manage to finish my FIL's hat that evening though so I'll share some photos of it tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Yarn Along

I've got a new project I'm quickly working on. It's rather dull to work on but at least because it's crocheted it's fairly quick


It's going to be a hat for my FIL. He's been hinting he'd like a new hat for a while so I thought I'd make one up quickly. It's based on the Wooly Owl Hat pattern but I made it slightly bigger to account for an adult-sized head and I'm not doing the eyes and beak. I will be doing the ear flaps though :-D


I'm still chugging away at my Frozen sweater. I love the centre cable :-)


So this post isn't completely lacking in colour I thought I'd show you my new bunch of tulips. Actully it was 3 small bunches of tulips which I combined. I've got a second small vase of them in my bedroom too :-)



So pretty :-)

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Five on Friday

I thought today I'd join in with the lovely Amy at Love Made My Home, 5 on Friday and share 5 pictures that are making me happy today :)

First up is the lovely tulips Mr Soaring Sheep bought me before he left for work. He's coming home tonight and they've opened up in the sunshine to greet him


My Frozen Sweater is at a nice straight forward stage where I'm just kntiting to the right length. Not quite tv knitting but not too taxing either


My stripy socks were just perfect for tv knitting last night while I watched the Great British Sewing Bee. I'm itching to have a play with the sewing machine my Mum gave me. 


My scrappy, interlocking ripple blanket has grown a little more. Still a bit of a way to go before it's finished but it's getting closer


And lastly my Squishy Girl who is at home this morning because she had to visit the nurse for a bandage change* and is a little ray of sunshine (when she wants to be!!). For new readers her fingers got trapped in a door a few weeks ago and she had to have emergency surgery. Her ring finger was fractured but is pretty much healed now. Her middle finger has an infection but is improving. She also lost both nails which is why she needs to keep them covered


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*For new readers her fingers got trapped in a door a few weeks ago and she had to have emergency surgery. Her ring finger was fractured but is pretty much healed now. Her middle finger has an infection but is improving. She also lost both nails which is why she needs to keep them covered. She's been absolutely amazing :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FO - Spun Sugar Cardigan

This is the last in a series of woollies I've made for my eldest girl. For those interested I've also made her Neverland Wendy, Bulle and Annabel. I decided as she's ok for woollies for this Winter I'd make the Spun Sugar cardigan a size bigger and with extra length on the sleeves so she can wear it for a couple of Winters :-)



You can see it's a little big for her but I don't think it fits too badly. 



The construction of this cardigan was slightly unusual. You kind of knit a shrug and then cast off the neck stitches so you just continue down the body of the cardigan. Took me a bit of thinking to get my head round it but having knitted lots of the designer's patterns before I knew that she'd give lots of details and as long as you followed the instructions it would all work out in the end.


I love this little cable detail :-)


Gotta love having pockets on a cosy cardigan :-)


The main feature of this cardigan though is these gorgeous interlocking rings. I wasn't entirely sure if I started them off correctly but I think they look ok



Pattern: Spun Sugar by Elena Nodel
Size: 8-9 years for my teeny 9 year old. Extra length added to sleeves and body.
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran in Kingfisher colourway
Model: Knitter's own ;-)

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