Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wednesday WIP's

It's feeling quite Autumnal now, cooler days, darker evenings, the leaves turning red and gold. A good time to be a knitter I think. I feel like I'm actually making progress on my WIP's which makes me want to work on them all the more.


I turned the heel on my sock yesterday. I used the Fish Lips Kiss pattern again as it fits my foot well and is nice and straightfoward to knit. The sock is now back in it's project bag ready for days when I want something to knit but haven't got a lot of concentration.

If I want to concentrate on something then I've got my lace shawl. As you can see it's grown quite a bit since I first showed it to you on Monday. I'm ready to start the lace section now. I need to do at least 3 repeats of chart A and then I can move on to chart B which is the beaded border section. The pattern is Rainshine


My crochet blanket is also growing steadily. The pattern and colours combination makes me think of Hundreds and Thousands for some reason :-) I'm enjoying working a few random stripes at a time and watching the pattern develop

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Monday, 5 October 2015

A New Project

I've finally finished Mr Soaring Sheep's sweater. It's washed, blocked and dried ready for him to model for photos at some point. I can't wait to show you, I'm so pleased with it.

As a reward for getting it finished I decided to cast on some lace yarn that's been sat in a project bag, wound in a ball for aaaaaaages. I bought the yarn over 3 years ago with the specific intention of making this pattern so I'm excited to finally get it on the needles


It's hard to tell but the yarn is a lovely warm grey colour with a hint of pink to it. It's by Dye for Yarn and is tussah silk in a one of a kind colourway called "Forgotten Dream of a Rose". I love this shop's colourways, so vibrant. The names are pretty cool too lol


To bring out the pink of the yarn I'm using these pink beads with silver lining. I'm going for a more subtle yarn/bead combination this time, hoping for something elegant.

The pattern is one of Boo Knits designs called Rainshine. I haven't decided if I'll do the long drops on the edging or not yet, will see how I feel when I get there I guess


I've acquired another bunch of gladioli but these ones don't seem to be opening as quickly. I've treated them the same way as the previous bunches, cutting a bit off the stems on a diagonal angle, fresh water with the sachet of plant food mixed in, same place in lounge etc. Does anyone have any tips? I've added lemonade or sugar to water in the past to make flowers open so I might give that a try later :-S

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy a bit of shawl knitting. I'm eager to get to the lace and beads part. Have a good week everyone

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

WIP Wednesday

Not really shared much about my WIP's recently so I thought I'd do a little round up of what is currently on my needles (or hook!). First off is Mr Soaring Sheep's sweater:


As you can see I'm ever so close to finishing that second sleeve, I think it's about 4 rows of knit stitches plus 12 of ribbing and then all that's left is the collar. I'm rather dragging my heels over it at the moment, I think I'm a little daunted by the collar which is daft.


I've added a few more rows to this crochet project. I've been trying hard to vary the colour combinations but this is getting much trickier now. Hopefully I can keep it looking fairly balanced. It's a nice project to dip in and out of as I'm in no rush to finish it. Plus being mostly dc stitches using a 3.5mm hook it's not exactly speedy!

Lastly we have my Rye socks


These are coming up to needing to do the heel so I've not been knitting much on these either. There's a lesson there somewhere... I think I just need to make some time to sit down and concentrate on getting things done.

I'm itching to cast on a new shawl now the weather is a little cooler. I've got the yarn wound and the beads all ready, I just need to decide which pattern I'm going to use. Oh and finish the sweater because I need those needles!

Hope everyone is having a good week and is having a more productive crafting time than I am lol. I'm going to finish off that sleeve now :-)

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Monday, 28 September 2015

An Afternoon at Grimsthorpe

We had quite a busy weekend. Saturday was chores and visiting the puppies. They're two weeks old now, their eyes are open and they're getting noisier. They still sleep a lot though, especially when someone is giving them a cuddle

Puppy Whisperer

One of the breeders snapped this photo of my eldest boy being a "Puppy Whisperer" :-)

We're not seeing them again for another two weeks by which point they'll be much more active and playful. Can't wait :-)

On Sunday we visited my in-laws for a BBQ and afterwards they suggested we visited Grimsthorpe castle for a walk round the lake. Despite living in Lincolnshire for 8 years I'd never actually been and as it was such a lovely day we jumped at the chance for an explore.




Such an amazing view^^




This week is the first week in months that Mr Soaring Sheep is working locally and coming home at a sensible time every evening rather than being away Monday-Thursday. I think finding a new routine is going to be strange but it's so good to have him home again :-)

And he loved his Birthday socks :-D

Thursday, 24 September 2015

FO - Stormy Seas Rainbow Socks

It's Mr Soaring Sheep's birthday tomorrow so naturally he had to have a new pair of socks. It's tradition right?  Pattern-wise they're nothing particularly special, just plain vanilla with a fish lips kiss heel but what they lack in stitch patterns they more than make up for in colour


Aren't they fab :-D He chose the yarn out of several stash options I suggested and has seen them as a WIP so he knows mostly what they'll look like but I did the last few inches while he was away so he's not seen them finished


He's very knitworthy and has been wearing his knitted socks all year so I know these ones will be loved too :-)



Even the chickens thought they were interesting ;-) Still no eggs from any of them, hope they start laying soon otherwise it might not happen until after the Winter which would be irritating. Then again if eggs were that important we wouldn't have got pekins who aren't known for their egg production...

I got some fluffy post this morning, some toys for the puppy :-D Probably not going to get much more for him/her at the moment as we'll wait and see what type of toy they enjoy. Figured this was a good starting mix and lots of things to chew on during teething. Still another 6 weeks before they're old enough to leave their Mum so I'm trying not to buy too much just yet. It might be a different story in a month's time, I have A List!


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