Saturday, 23 May 2015

See you in a bit

This is a scheduled post as when you read it I'll be on my to the seaside. Hopefully I'll be back with some progress shots of my socks and sweater WIP's, or failing that maybe some photos of cycle rides, walks and beaches :-)

Ooo I tried the sweater out on Mr Soaring Sheep, it's looking promising so far, and at least he'll be around for more fittings for a while! I'm hoping to get the sleeves separated by the end of the holiday so I can then just knit, knit, knit on the body.


I decided I'm going to make up some sort of shawl collar using short rows. The neck is open enough that Mr Fussy Mr Soaring Sheep doesn't feel restricted and it solved my issue of starting the cables in the right place


Speaking of cables, I love how they're knitting up :-) I'm using this pattern for them. I love braided cables lol.

Right, I'd better get on with the last of the packing instead of procrastinating! See you later everyone


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Custom Raglan Adventures Part 1

I've knitted quite a few raglan sweaters over the years and thought I'd be up for the challenge of designing a sweater from scratch. First thing I did was to knit a swatch and block it. I'm using some Cascade 220 Heathers in the Mallard colourway.


Using this recipe for designing a raglan sweater, combined with my gauge swatch and Mr Soaring Sheep's measurements I cast on.


And this is where it got tricky! Mr Soaring Sheep doesn't like sweaters with round necks, he prefers a V neck so it doesn't pull on his top underneath. He is also working away so opportunities to get him to try it on will be limited too. I decided I wanted to do some sort of cable design down the front. Well where on earth are you supposed to start a cable on a top down V neck?? To be honest I'm still figuring this bit out! I'm thinking I will start with just columns of knit and purl stitches at the appropriate points until I can join the sweater in the round and then start the cable properly. I'm hoping that will work out. I was planning on having some simple cables either side of the main one down the front but they got scrapped when I realised I should have started them several rows before. Hey ho, it's a lesson for next time!

It's not really been relaxing knitting at this stage. It will be once I've joined it in the round and started the cable and hopefully it will start looking ok. I did consider just copying the measurements and stitch counts from an existing pattern but decided that would be cheating a little. This could all turn out to be a complete disaster but it's a learning experience :-)

Has anyone else designed a raglan sweater and has some tips for me? I'd be very grateful lol. Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

FO - Stripy Father's Day Socks

Mr Soaring Sheep has been asking for some stripy socks after seeing the ones I've been making so I thought I'd cast on a pair for Father's day. I allowed myself a couple of months to knit them as I knew I could only work on them when he wasn't around. Now they're finished and blocked I can stash them away for later.


I'm pleased with how the heels have striped. And also that the socks are almost perfectly the opposite of each other. The dark blue on one sock is the light blue on the other and vice versa.


I've again chosen to do the Fish Lips Kiss heel for these socks. So easy to work and it comes out so neatly too. I know the pattern off by heart now which is useful.


Today I'm going to start working out stitch counts for a sweater I'm planning on making. I'll share more about that tomorrow if you want to pop back. It's my first time coming up with a pattern on my own so I'm a little intimidated! Wish me luck lol.

I'm linking this post up with Nicole's Keep Calm Craft On so hop over to her post for links to more crafty blogs :-)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday Happy's

I'm feeling a bit blue today. We had a lovely weekend cycling alongside the canal in Milton Keynes and meeting up with my extended family on Sunday. But today it's raining, Mr Soaring Sheep has left for the week and it's all a bit blah. I had a bit of a whinge to myself and then thought I'd find some things that make me feel happy and share them with you too :-)


Another amaryllis has come into flower. I didn't get to see the flowers properly on this one last year because a small person who shall remain nameless (I've forgotten which one!) accidentally broke the stem. It's rather pretty though, and there are a few more buds to open


I've just got this bread out the oven, it's the No Knead Artisan Bread recipe which we've tweaked slightly and cook in a loaf tin so it's better for making sandwiches. It makes excellent toast too


My fairy lights in the kitchen take the edge off the gloomy weather outside. Can't be sad when there are fairy lights around lol.


I'm going to make myself a cup of tea now, plonk myself down on the sofa...


...and do some sock knitting


Have a good week everyone :-)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday's Jobs

I was hoping to show you Mr Soaring Sheep's finshed socks today but as I was just about to cast off yesterday I realised I'd knitted the cuff with k1p1 rib rather than the k2p2 rib I used for the other sock. What a pain lol. So I've frogged it back and I'm now reworking the next 20 rows in the right pattern


The purple sock on the left is almost ready for me to turn the heel. I used the safety pins to help me keep track of which row I'm on. The bottom pin is the starting row, the top one marks row 70. Saves me having to start right back at the begining each time I count. Although I guess I could just count the pattern repeats instead which would be simpler. Oh well!

I've been starting to plot about what  I want to knit next. I think it's going to be a sweater for Mr Soaring Sheep using this recipe and this yarn:


Hopefully I can get a swatch done today if I have time and then I can start taking measurments and working out stitch counts and cable patterns. I'll share more about my plans later as they're a bit vague at the moment!

Right I'd better get knitting :-)


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