Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Keep Calm Craft On

Hi everyone, sorry for disappearing like that. I've been really struggling with my energy levels lately, just day to day chores have felt too much at times. However, it's now the Summer holidays, I've seen the GP and I'm waiting for the results on some blood tests to see if there is a physical reason for me feeling exhausted and I'm trying to pace myself a bit better. Mr Soaring Sheep has a couple of weeks off at the beginning of August which will help take off some off the pressure of doing everything on my own. Hopefully we can have some nice days out too.

As far as crafting goes I've not really achieved very much but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. I've finished the body of Mr Soaring Sheep's sweater and it's now awaiting sleeves and a shawl collar. I'm ignoring it for a bit because keeping track of shaping is a bit beyond my brain right now


I've finished the bottom off with some k2p2 ribbing. I did take a photo but it's come out so dark you can't really see much.


Mr Soaring Sheep's socks have progressed a little. Two at a time socks seem to knit up so slowly, probably because I'm used to knitting one at a time which is half the work.

My Whiz Bang socks have met the frog pond. The heel combined with the stitch pattern didn't fit my foot so I gave up with them. I might try again using the FLK heel and keeping the stitch pattern just on the front of the sock but no idea when. Instead I cast on another pair of Rye socks. Very simple to knit with the garter stitch panel and about what my brain is up to. I don't know if I'll keep these for me or give them away. I guess I'll decide when I start the heel.


To be fair life is pretty good right now. I'm enjoying having the children at home and we're getting out the house every day for walks, picnics and trips to the park. I just wish I could shake this fatigue :-(

Not sure when I'll be back. I'd like to show you some photos of the garden, the peruvian lily and the massive oriental lillies have flowered and are looking gorgeous. Shame the weather hasn't been very Summer-y lately. Fingers crossed for next week :-) Have a good week everyone

Evelyn x

Keep Calm Craft On

Monday, 13 July 2015

New Project?

I can't decide why I'm so tired at the moment. It could be the end of term busy-ness, it could be not sleeping very well or it could be the new medication I'm on. Either way crafting has rather taken a back seat lately.


As you can see I've done a bit of work on these socks for Mr Soaring Sheep. Plain vanilla is about the level I'm capable of at the moment. I'm itching to cast on a beaded lace shawl or some sort of sweater for me but at the moment it's too daunting.


I have pulled together this collection of colours to make some sort of blanket out of. Problem is I'm not really sure what I want to do! I'm thinking some sort of solid block design, maybe squares maybe hexagons? Perhaps something slightly lacey? I dunno, I'll have a flick through a couple of pattern books and see if anything jumps out.

Thank you for the kind comments on my previous post. I'm sorry I'm not very good at replying at the moment. Everything is just feeling very difficult right now. Fingers crossed I get some more energy over the next week or the 6 week holidays are going to be very hard work indeed!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Missing Mojo

The last few weeks of busy-ness has really caught up with me. I'm so tired right now my head is spinning. Not much fun. Even blogging has felt like too much effort, and it's not like I've had anything new to show you.


The other day I decided to wind up some more sock yarn for some plain vanilla socks as that seems to be all my brain can cope with right now, and even then just for short bursts. Both of these are from Mothy and the Squid on etsy.


As you can see I've made a start on some socks for Mr Soaring Sheep but there isn't really much to show for it. I think I've done all the increases I needed to do now so I can just knit knit knit.

My Whiz Bang socks are in time out at the moment. The fabric isn't stretchy enough to allow me to get my foot in past the heel so I'm going to frog back to the heel and continue the slipped stitches just up the front of the sock rather than all the way round.


I'm going to listen to my body and take things easy today. I'll try again to have an early night although last night I turned the lights out at 10pm, was still awake at 11pm and then woke up at 3am. Argh no wonder I'm tired!

Have a good week everyone, and hop over to Nicole's blog if you want to read more crafty posts.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

FO - Express Lane Socks

Wow, 1st of July already, crazy! It's baking hot in the UK at the moment, horrible humid heat with no breeze at all. I don't like it :-S I think today is mostly going to be spent hiding inside next to a fan lol.

To start off the month I've got an FO post for you. I've finished my Expess Lane socks so that's another pair to go in my drawer until the weather is colder


I followed the chart for the stitch pattern but changed the number of repeats to suit the length of my foot. I also used the fish lips kiss heel because I love it, it's easy to work and fits my foot well.


So pretty :-)


I really enjoyed this pattern. Very easy to work and looks nice too. It's a free one on ravelry which is always good :-) My project page is here.

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Monday, 29 June 2015














Gosh this time of year is busy. I've got two children starting new schools in September so they'll be having taster days, meetings etc. There are school trips, swimming lessons, music recitals, sports days and leavers assemblies... They really do cram a lot in to the last half term of the year. Good job it's nearly the Summer holidays so I can have a rest lol.

With the extra brain power required for all these things I've got to remember something had to give and that has been my knitting. I've barely knitted anything this past week, hence the lack of posts! I have managed to turn the heels on my two sock WIP's but that's about all I've got to show you. Hopefully I'll be able to get one of them finished this week and then I can cast on something new. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to knit at the moment. I'd quite like to do a lace shawl but that depends on brain power. Tricky.

Anyways, I'd better put the chooks back in their run and get on with some chores. I've spent the past hour or so outside watching them, watering the plants and enjoying the garden :-) Have a good week everyone.


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