Saturday, 12 October 2013

A "Sweet Tea"

I'd never had a "sweet tea" before getting together with Mr Soaring Sheep. I've no idea if it's just his family that does it, or a Cornish thing or indeed something so common and unremarkable that no one had bothered to mention it to me lol. Anyway, it was mainly an excuse to use my new cake stand and treat the children :-)


Basically it was sandwiches, fruit and lots of cake. Naturally there was a bit of glitter too ;-)


I don't have any tea cups so instead they had mugs with some fruit squash in, they enjoyed saying "cheers" every time they took a drink... I think I need to work on their etiquette a bit more lol 


Normally I bake the cakes we have at home but again this was meant to be indulgent so I cheated and sent Mr SS to the supermarket. I did make the sandwiches though :-p


Time to munch :-) My Mum made the mini bunting in the background, I love it :-)






It was wonderfully silly and lots of fun. I suspect it will be remembered by my children for quite a long time! My big girl is already telling us she wants to do it again for her birthday next year lol.

Thanks for letting me share our indulgent little evening. Hope everyone has a good weekend :-)


Thanks for visiting, I love comments :-)


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