Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sunny Wednesday

Ooo it's a lovely sunny day outside today. Warm, bright sunshine but not so hot it's uncomfortable. Lovely :-) The pots in my garden are starting to fill with Summer flowers



Wonderful :-)

I've finished my Multnomah that I posted about last week. I'm hopefully getting my hair cut tomorrow so I'll get some photos of it after that for FO Friday. At the moment my hair is a bit of a birds-nest and almost permanently in a pony tail to stop it getting any worse lol.

My current project is a Wingspan shawl. The pattern says to do 8 triangles and I've just started my fourth. Well, technically it's my seventh! I messed up after getting to 3 triangles and then decided I didn't like my gauge at all so I frogged it all back and started again with smaller needles. Much happier with it now lol. It's such an easy pattern though, perfect for mindless knitting. Unless you stop paying attention, forget to cast on the stitches for the next triangle and then have to undo several rows. Not that I would be so silly of course... *cough*


That's it from me for today although before I go, I'd just like to show you a couple of pictures from our lounge window last night. We think it came down in the fields behind our house, it was very low, you could hear the people on it :-o



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  1. Wow, can't wait to see the finished Multnomah this Friday! I really like the yarn you are using for your Wingspan (and I can totally relate to knitting something so simple that it's easy to mess up...happens to me way more often than I'd like to admit!).

    1. Yeah I think with complicated projects I'm concentrating far more where as with simple ones my attention wanders and then I make stupid mistakes

  2. Is the pattern for the Wingspan shawl east? It looks complicated to me, but the color is gorgeous:)

    1. Dead easy. It's short rows to get the shaping but you don't have to wrap the stitches or anything. The pattern is free on ravelry so just download it and have a look :-)

  3. Can't wait to see your Multnomah!
    Wingspan is pretty too! Love the colors in that yarn!

  4. Looking forward to your FO (and new hair). I find "easy" patterns are the easiest to make mistakes on for the reason you stated!!!!!! LOL!

  5. Love the long colour shifts in your wingspan. It may be an easy pattern but it really lets the yarn shine. And I quite liked the balloon in the evening sky picture - lovely contrasts!

  6. Oh wow, hot air balloons are supposedly very difficult to fly, you actually have to have a license to use one here. I love, love, love the wingspan. Some of us make several rows of mistakes on our sweaters, some of us ; )

  7. That last shot is really awesome. I am scared to ride in a hot air balloon. Too many accidents and did you hear about that pro-athlete and his girlfriend who had gotten severely burned in their ride that came down because it went down near power lines? *shudders*
    The pops of color in your garden are lovely! They must make you smile.
    That yarn you're using for Wingspan rocks! Is there silk in it? I see sheen. It's like the metallic part of a dragonfly. Totally cool!


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