Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Failure

Well my plan to show you my Mulnomah didn't work out too well. I knew I was planning on having my hair cut yesterday so I wanted to take photos after that to show you my new style and my pretty shawl at the same time. We were busy in the evening though and then this morning when I was planning on taking photos it started raining and it's barely stopped since. Not proper rain, just that irritating drizzle that just leaves you feeling permanently damp. Humph.

So tomorrow morning, regardless of the weather I will be taking photos of my shawl, that's an absolute promise ;-) I don't want to wait until next Friday as I should have finished my Wingspan by then lol. I'm on the 6th out of 8 triangles now.

In the mean time though I'm going to be incredibly indulgent I'm afraid and show you my new hair cut. Feel free to stop reading if you're just here for the crafting :-) It's quite a change but I hadn't had a proper cut in years and it showed :-S


Even my 2 year old didn't want to be seen with me ;-) To be fair I normally had my hair tied back and blow dried so it doesn't look quite as wild as in the picture. Not much better though lol. Anyways, I took advantage of Mr Soaring Sheep having the day off, strolled off to the local hairdressers and asked the lady to cut it SHORT.



I am so pleased with it. Messy, doesn't need much effort in the morning but I can play around with it a bit too if I feel inclined. Perfect for a time poor Mum of young children. But do you know what I'm most excited about?

HATS! No more having to avoid them because my ponytail didn't fit comfortably. No more knitting hats for other people and not me. This Winter, I'm going to have great fun :-D


  1. Good on you doing something for you, I love it!

  2. Love the new haircut!!! I've gone back and forth between longer and shorter, and I definitely like the ease of short hair.

  3. It looks fantastic on you, good call! I'm sure it is wonderful and easy to style.

  4. As a fan and faithful short hair gal…I LOVE it! It is SO chic and cute! The texture is fantastic.


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