Monday, 10 June 2013

Fluffy post

I posted last week about joining in with Anadiomena's mystery KAL's next month. Well I couldn't decide whether to do the boy one or the girl one so I ended up buying yarn for both. I got the blue yarn for the boy design last week and my other yarn for the girl design arrived just before the weekend:


It's a 4ply yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in a colourway called Woody Bay. I ordered mine from Tangled Yarn and whilst I was there I also bought 4 skeins of Malabrigo lace in the Azul Bolita colourway... *swoon*


Isn't it STUNNING :-o

Believe it or not those four 50g skeins are going to become a super gorgeous cardigan for me.I can't quite get my head round that at the moment as they are so small.* Can't wait! This is going to be my Summer project after I've finished the MKAL's. I figured there's lots of stockinette in the design so it will be good for mindless knitting and compliment well with the blanket I'm planning on crocheting too. More on that in a later post ;-)

The sun seems to have gone back into hiding for a bit now but I've had a busy morning doing my chores and playing with my littlest girl so now I feel just about ready to put my feet up for half an hour and do some knitting.

Hope you have a good week!

*just panicked myself that I'd bought 3 skeins by mistake which would be VERY tight on yardage! Checked and I've actually got 4 which means I'm 20 yards short of the 36" size with long sleeves but as I don't want long sleeves I should be fine. Phew!*


  1. Ohh yummy yarn, I'm sure your cardigan will be gorgeous! Glad you did get enough yarn!

  2. Oh that will make a perfect cardigan, I'm glad to hear that you had more yarn than you thought you did too. I'm excited to hear more about the blanket!

  3. That azul bolita colour is stunning. What beautiful yarn.


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