Thursday, 6 June 2013

Spinning week 2

Ok, I've gotta confess, I've not really done much practising this week, probably only picked up my spindle 3-4 times. I don't really have an excuse other than it's been sunny, we've been busy... I just haven't made the time.

However, the nice thing is that a lot of spinning is about the muscle memory and those few sessions were enough to help my brain continue learning and I still feel I'm improving. I spun a lovely, thin, fairly even yarn and thought I'd be clever and wind it into a skein to show you:


I suspect my left handed-ness is causing problems for me. My natural inclination is to wind the skein and twist it in one direction but I think perhaps doing it the other way would have worked a bit better. Or if I'd plied the yarn first to get the twist a bit more balanced. Hmm, I guess I'll find out with some more practice!

Despite appearances to the contrary I'm getting better and the yarn I'm spinning is getting thinner and more even. Apart from when I join in a new bit of roving which makes it go a bit thicker but hey ho!

I'm also starting to move away from the park and draft technique and letting my spindle dangle freely. I find it harder to control the thickness of the yarn this way but it's a lot quicker. Again practice will help there.

Still having lots of fun with it :-)


  1. Okay, I thought it was you who was also inspired by Sarah! I've been making notes on my iPhone for post ideas. I am itching to dig out my new drop spindle from last November but I have to work on a deadline.
    Makes me smile that you're having fun with this spinning. I want to hear more of your thoughts on that book. I'm thinking I may need it for reference.

    1. oo you should have a play with your drop spindle, it's lots of fun!

      :-S That sentence sounded a little dodgy lol!

      I'd like to do a review of the book at some point, I've still not finished reading it yet. I need a couple of hours to myself to read and write

  2. I'm left handed too, but I've never thought about how that might affect me. That could be because the class where I first learned, the teacher took extra care to make sure I could spin correctly. Your handspun is looking good, thanks for showing your progress, it is fun to see. I think with a little more practice you'll have it figured out.

    1. I wish I could get to a class. I don't think it's the spinning that's the problem with me as I know I'm spinning the yarn in the "right" direction, it's twisting into a skein. I think I undid some of the twist whilst doing it.

      When I was practicing at the weekend I was getting much thinner yarn which was nice. I love how each time I pick it up there is some progress, very satisfying lol


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