Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Keep Calm Craft On

It's been a bit busy in our house lately. We've had a leaking central heating pipe dripping into our hallway, carpets and floors ripped up and various men coming in to fix it. Having the pump switched off for 24 hours caused it to fail so we had to have another man out last night to fit a new one. Luckily we now have hot water and heating again which feels very luxurious lol. In the middle of that we also had a house full of pre-schoolers for my littlest girl's 4th birthday party.

It's the Easter holidays here now so I've got all four little monsters darlings home at the moment wanting to ask questions and talk to me. Mr Soaring Sheep works away and won't be back until Thursday evening so I'm probably going to be a little quiet in blog land this week. I've also got a cough which has lasted over 3 weeks and I've ended up hurting some sort of muscle in my chest from coughing so much. Wonderful lol.

Today I wanted to show you my two new projects. Firstly I have a new cardigan for my littlest girl


It had an interesting construction with a provisional cast on and then short rows for shaping. The fronts have now been joined to the back and it's looking like a cardigan now which is good. I'm loving the sunny mustard yellow yarn. It's not a colour I normally knit with as it doesn't suit my family's colourings particularly. The pattern I'm using is Tully by Georgie Hallam which has a beautiful lace body and bell sleeves. I'm just about ready to start the lace section but will probably wait until the children are occupied with something or sleeping.

My other project is another pair of stripy socks. I've used the Twisted German cast on rather than my usual two tail cast on and I'm going to try using the Fish Lips Kiss heel


This is going to be my mindless tv knitting project so they probably won't be finished any time soon. The yarn is from Laughing Yaffle and is called Splendour. The colours are so vibrant :-)

I'm linking this post up with Nicole and hopefully I'll be able catch up with some blog reading tonight. I've got a finished sweater to show you tomorrow so pop back on Wednesday if you fancy a look. Have a good week everyone


  1. Sorry to hear you had all those troubles at your house. Hope all is fixed and back to normal for you now! The cardigan is really lovely and the striped socks are so vibrant and pretty!

  2. What a busy mama! The cardigan is sweet!

  3. Oh dear -- no heat and a bad cough at the same time? That sounds awful!
    I love the sunny color of cardigan.
    Have a great break with your family!

  4. Hopefully things will ease up for you now. That all sounds dreadful! Good luck, and happy knitting on your quiet breaks.

  5. Sorry about your cough and the heating. I hope that all will be well now and that you can have a restful and enjoyable Easter. xx

  6. Plumbing is a luxury and something all of us take for granted. Do try to baby yourself. Coughs are like fruit flies where they hang around forever and are hard to get rid of. And please be very vocal about the fish lips heel. I'm curious about how it's knitted up and how it fits compared to a slipped stitch one.

  7. Oh my, such a lot going on. I hope you feel better soon and use the sock knitting to cheer you up - gorgeous colours.

  8. I still love that yarn, the colours are amazing. Good luck with this week, and hope everything goes smoothly!


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