Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Finishing Off

I'm desperate to get some new projects started. I was a little rebellious and have cast on some stripy socks already but I'm not going to cast on anything else until I've finished both the ripple blanket and the frozen sweater.

Happily, neither of these goals are too far off. This morning I did the final round for my ripple blanket border. I've now just got to weave in the ends and give it a wash. I might give it a gentle steam block as the border is a teeny bit wobbly but I'll see how it looks after a wash.


I'll do a quick diagram of how I did the border too. Nothing particularly fancy but easier to explain in pictures than words.


The frozen sweater has maybe a couple of inches on the sleeve to go. I'm looking forward to getting it blocked out as I think it will look really lovely when gently pressed into shape


The two safety pins on the left mark the same point on both sleeves. The pin on the right marks the start of the ribbing, it's a quick way for me to work out how much more I need to knit.

I got some flowers at the weekend, you guys know how much I love having fresh flowers around :) 


I've never had hyacinths as a cut flower before and I've only had one pot of hyacinths this year. Must remember to plant some bulbs in the Autumn, they're so pretty :)



Have a good week everyone :) Hopefully I'll be back with some FO photos soon. Fingers crossed for some sunshine! Keep Calm Craft On


  1. I love hyacinths! I have never had them as a cut flower either. Only bulbs. Your afghan looks amazing with all that color!!

  2. Such a lovely sweater!! and I am envious of the flowers!

  3. These flowers are beautiful. You are getting so much more done than I. They're looking good.


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