Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Yarn Along

I've got a new project I'm quickly working on. It's rather dull to work on but at least because it's crocheted it's fairly quick


It's going to be a hat for my FIL. He's been hinting he'd like a new hat for a while so I thought I'd make one up quickly. It's based on the Wooly Owl Hat pattern but I made it slightly bigger to account for an adult-sized head and I'm not doing the eyes and beak. I will be doing the ear flaps though :-D


I'm still chugging away at my Frozen sweater. I love the centre cable :-)


So this post isn't completely lacking in colour I thought I'd show you my new bunch of tulips. Actully it was 3 small bunches of tulips which I combined. I've got a second small vase of them in my bedroom too :-)



So pretty :-)

I'm linking up with Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along so hop over there for more crafty posts :-)


  1. Frozen is looking fabulous. And those tulips - gorgeous! I am just planting my bulbs here, so six months to wait for lovelies like that.

  2. Having colour in the house makes such a difference at this time of your, and your tulips so look so lovely.

    That woolly owl hat is brilliant! I love the idea of doing an adult-size one :D

  3. i'm always surprised at how fast crocheting is when i've been knitting a lot! love the frozen sweater :)

  4. love your tulips and your father in law is going to love his present.

  5. That is a lovely array of tulips. That middle eye interest in your son's gansey is appropriate for him as it's like a running current of energy that I know he must have. It was cute to read how your FIL hinted at wanting another hat handmade by his DIL. Tell him we want to see him model it in the end!

  6. Ooooh, tulips. I am looking at snow right now. Love your knitting and crocheting.

  7. I most definitely need some fresh tulips. Right. Now! :-)

  8. I love that frozen sweater. Great color. I can't wait for flowers to start blooming again. It's all snow here.

  9. I like the cable on your frozen jumper, it is unusual isn't it! Tulips are great too, always so cheery and bright! xx


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