Wednesday, 18 March 2015

FO - Iced Gems Socks

I've got a super colourful pair of socks to show you today :-) Perfect colours for Spring


The yarn is from Laughing Yaffle and the colourway is called "Iced Gems". It's beautifully dyed, lovely clean colours and evenly spaced stripes


I managed to get the stripes to line up almost perfectly which I'm rather pleased about


Despite how beautiful they look I'm not 100% happy with these socks. I wasn't paying enough attention when I put in the scrap yarn for doing the afterthought heel and I made the legs a lot shorter than I like. I'm not a fan of working cuff down because I struggle to get my cast on loose enough. I'm not too happy with the heel either, I prefer the gusset heel I use when I'm knitting toe up. I've still got 43g of the yarn left so I think I'll knit it with a contrast yarn at some point.

I've decided for my next pair of socks I'm going to switch around a few things. I'm going to try a different cast on which is supposed to be stretchier than the two tail cast on I've been using on bigger needles. It's called the "Twisted German Cast On" and I found some details and a video about it here.

I'm also going to change the heel. I want to keep the stripes so I fancy giving the Fish Lips Kiss heel a go as lots of people rave about it and I love how neat it looks.


I've got this beautiful Laughing Yaffle yarn ready and waiting. I'm looking forward to getting them cast on soon :-)

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  1. gosh, I love those socks what a great colorway and now you've got more great yarn!!

  2. Yout socks look great and the colours pop of the screen, lovely!!

  3. I LOVE that yarn! I want a skein of it now! But I must resist. Your socks came out great. They are so Spring like!

    1. hehe you should sign up for the Laughing Yaffle newsletter and then you can drool over the new yarns as they're added to the shop >.<

  4. What lovely funky socks. Love the way you have photographed them.

  5. I love those socks too - so bright and jazzy!
    Caz xx

  6. I really like these happy colors. I love how the striping is clean. I have to try cut down again. I bought this pair of 0's some time ago. How is the fish lips fit different, I wonder, from others?

  7. Hello. I'm a sock knitter too and I thank you for the links you posted. Your socks are so lovely - I love the bright, clean lines of the design. I'm sure they were a joy to knit, too.

  8. I absolutely love the colours in your socks and the way you got the stripes to line up is amazing!!! I have only done a bit of sock knitting and the more I look at what other people are doing, the more inspired I am to give it a try! Amazing job!

  9. I LOVE those colours, what gorgeous yarn, and a great job matching the stripes!


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