Thursday, 19 March 2015

More fluffy post

I'm in a bit of a yarn stashing mood at the moment. I think it's because it's Spring and I feel really positive about the year and want to make lots of things. Or it could be that buying yarn is a bit of a slippery slope and is far too easy with online shopping


This gorgeous blue was chosen with and for Mr Soaring Sheep. It's eventually going to become a sweater for him, there is still a slight disagreement over patterns but I think we're on the verge of a compromise ;-)


I love how the heathers range of Cascade 220 has this gorgeous mix of colours. There's almost a turquoise in certain lights. Yummy. This shade is called "Mallard" and is colour 2448. I'm looking forward to seeing how it knits up. If Mr Soaring Sheep isn't too careful I might pinch it and use it to make something for me instead!

Well I guess I'd better get back to my knitting before I get completely overwhelmed with fluffy post purchases ;-) I'm just about to start the second sleeve of my Frozen sweater :)


  1. I love that blue! Cascade is a great yarn. What a great sweater that will be.

  2. This is a, "See Me, I'm here," blue. I chuckled at how you two have to compromise over a jumper pattern. I'm curious... What's the disagreement?

    1. He's fussy about necklines and would be perfectly happy for me to knit an Alec XL that is identical to his current one. I would rather knit something slightly different, like a Flax sweater. I think we're going to end up using the Alec XL as a base but change up the stitch patterns some how and probably skip the collar this time

  3. Gorgeous colour!

  4. Beautiful colour! He's a lucky one. Regula

  5. I had some Cascade 220 in a Secret Pal parcel a few years ago, and it was lovely knitting with it. The colour you've chosen is beautiful!

  6. I love Cascade 220 heathers. I have a blanket's worth in orange that is going to make me cozy one day!


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