Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I've had a busy morning planting some new foxgloves and lupins in the garden, vacuuming, cleaning, ironing etc. so I thought I'd sit down this afternoon with a cup of tea, my sock WIP and the latest Truly Myrtle podcast.


I'm getting really close to finishing them now. Except I've just spotted a problem. Can you see it too? Would you like a close up?


I've knitted too far! I'm supposed to be well into the toe decreases. What a bother lol. I'll frog them back a bit and sort that out. Hopefully if I get my act together I can get these beauties finished this week.

Well before I go frog, I wanted to show you some photos of my amaryllis flower which is blooming gloriously in the corner of our lounge



Actually I said flower but infact there are 3 open blooms, beautiful!


 And two more at the back to open later :)


Have a good week everyone, hope no one else has frogging in their future. It could have been worse I guess, at least it's just a plain vanilla sock rather than anything complex


  1. Your amaryllis is gorgeous, I don't think that I have seen a pure white one before. Sounds as though you had a busy and productive morning, so I hope that you enjoy the afternoon resolving your sock! xx

  2. It is so frustrating to overknit and have to frog! But generally, you do have to frong.
    Beautiful flower!

  3. I love love love the colors of those socks. All your projects are so colo(u)rful and cheerful.

  4. The amaryllis is beautiful - I haven't see a white one before either. The socks are cute. I'm a demon at over knitting - I've just finished a jumper that is now a dress :-)

  5. The socks are such a gorgeous colour. I've got carried away before (normally when watching a good TV series) and knitted too far. The flower is lovely.

  6. Well, you weren't lazy at all this morning! What a wonderful stripey socks, great colours too and
    the amaryllis is a beauty!

  7. The amaryllis is stunning, as are those socks. Annoying that you knit too far,but it shouldn't take too long to frog and decrease!

  8. I so admire your knitting skills. I'll get good enough at knitting one of these days to try making socks. Just need more practice. Loving yours.
    xx Beca

  9. You were just all do-do-dooo, knitting happy! I love that happy yarn.

  10. Your amarylis is exquisite! I haven't grown one in years. I always get a chuckle when people call something "vanilla"...I'm a vanilla kind of girl. Simple and classic, I say.

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty! ♥ Wonderful colors and so nicely evenly striped. Thanks for your sweet comment & have a cozy weekend! Nata xxx

  12. I love, love, love your socks!
    Gorgeous colours.


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