Friday, 6 March 2015

A quick Friday FO

I've not got particularly good pictures of this FO because I finished it Wednesday evening and promptly gave it to my FIL before he left. You can sort of see how it turned out though :)




Not even blocked, what a mess lol. It's like showing you pictures of my ironing pile or something :-p

At least FIL seemed to like it...


Although judging from that photo perhaps not lol. Oh well, it's finished and will keep his head cosy which is the main thing. I based this hat on the Wooly Owl hat pattern but added a few extra stitches to make it fit an adult sized head. I kept the ear flaps the same size though. I used some cascade 220 yarn left over from my Romantika cardigan. The blue was left over from some longies I think, not sure!

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  1. Much better than pictures of the ironing pile. Looks great :-)

  2. His head will definitely be cozy in that. Great job.

  3. I love a photo of a man in a woollie hat!

  4. He looks happy enough in it! And why not? It is cute and clearly very warm.

  5. I don't think that a hat needs blocking! The wearing will do that!! Don't be so hard on yourself, it looks great!!! xx

  6. It's great! I agree with Amy, the wearing will block it.


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