Saturday, 7 June 2014


I've finished the two sets of seven squares and now I'm pondering what to do next


I had originally been inspired by this project and was going to do 6 more squares to fill in the middle. But now I'm looking at it and I'm not sure


(Please ignore that I'm clearly unable to arrange the squares in a straight line! I had a little helper out of shot so was trying to be quick!)

I favourited this amazing blanket a while ago when I browsing on ravelry. But I have 4 x 5 big squares whereas she had 5 x 5 so the centre could be a single giant square.

I might have an idea though, I think I'll play around for a bit to see if it will look right ;-) Crossing my fingers!


  1. Hmm... You could make 2 more border squares and then do a middle giant granny. Or do two more and make a 4x4 blanket with a GIANT BORDER or something. I have a friend who insists on giant borders for everything. But she's a quilter, so it's slightly different, LOL.

    1. I'm kind of doing the first idea but tweaked it a little so it works with the 4 x 5 arrangement. I like the idea of a giant border although probably not as big as your quilting friend's style because I am lazy!

  2. My brain is still recovering from the end of school and our rush off to holiday afterwards. Sorry.
    What you have so far is awesome and inspiring.

  3. One big granny in the middle? How big will the blanket be in the end?


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