Monday, 2 June 2014


Wow, can't believe it's June already, the start of what is occasionally known as "Summer" in the UK :-p This morning I dropped the children off at school and pre-school and came home to a quiet house that is in need of a tidy and vacuum.


Instead of cleaning though I'm going to ignore the mess and have some uninterrupted crafting time. I'm hoping to get a few rows on my Mum's shawl done. It's been waiting for some attention for a while. I've just got the border to do now although I suspect I'm going to run out of beads


I'm so looking forward to getting it off the needles and giving it a good blocking. Best part of any lace project I think :-)

I've also got my ripple blanket which just about fills the screen on my camera now. I think I need to do a yellow row next. I'm having to start repeating colours now although I do have a few that I haven't used. I don't want to have an obvious point where I've started repeating so I'm sneaking them in earlier so it blends better, it's fun working out which one to use next and watching the colour combinations


I'm aiming to finish off my current projects this month. I've got 5 WIPs on the go and they're all in need of some time being spent on them to get them finished off. I want to be able to start on some new projects to work on when we move house in hopefully a couple of months time. Very excited!

Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. So you enjoyed your time alone at home. :-)

    1. I did thank you :) It's nice being able to think without having someone asking questions all the time

  2. Love the ripple!! The interlocking colour strips look great. I know just what you mean about sneaking in the colours!! haha - I've found that with some of my stuff before ;)


  3. I love the shawl, and the blanket is looking fab and funky.. As for wip I should probably turn off the computer and go and work on something, but instead I am browsing ravelry.

    1. Thank you :) if I turned off the computer occasionally my house would be immaculate and my projects would have been finished weeks ago ;-)

  4. Hello Evelyn
    Such beautiful makes - I love the shawl, its so delicate and I totally agree with you about blocking being the best bit !
    Thank you for dropping in at Just Pootling,
    Kate x

    1. Thank you :) Blocking lace is magical isn't it :)

  5. That ripple is fun to look at and to watch it grow. The beads are a great touch in the lace shawl. Kudos to you for your patience.


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