Monday, 16 June 2014

Setting goals

We had a wonderful cycle ride yesterday for Father's Day. It was along the route of an old railway line. The route is 14 miles from one end to the other but we only did a section in the middle. We cycled 11.5 miles though which isn't too shabby and we got to walk through one of the long unlit tunnels. Very surreal, you just walk and walk towards the light but can't see a thing and when you think you must be nearly there you look behind you and it's like you've hardly walked at all. I think next time we'll bring some lights with us!

This week I'm going to get Mr Soaring Sheep's Father's day socks finished. I've just got the leg to do now, I think about 50 more rows and then the ribbing so hopefully it won't take me too long if I make the time for it. Fingers crossed I can get it finished to show off to you guys on Friday :-)


If I miraculously have time to spare after finishing the sock I'd like to do some more rows on my blanket centre section. Each row takes a while now though as it's got bigger so there probably won't be much visible progress. Every little helps I guess!

Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. Ooh that bike ride sounds fun and that tunnel a bit creepy (I hate things like that!)

  2. Yay on the bike ride. At first I thought I was reading someone else's blog at first. And yay on these projects. The sock yarn is always great to see. I really like how it's knitting up. The blanket is on fire.

  3. 11.5miles sounds great, no way I could cycle that far! lights sound good too! :D


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