Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've got two WIP's to show you today. One of them almost finished, the other barely started!

First off is this soaker for Ava. I practically know the pattern by heart now so it's nice mindless knitting. Plus she does actually need some more soakers as she's only got one that fits at the moment!


Hard to tell from this picture but the yarn is left over from the Green twisty longies I posted a couple of weeks ago. Not a very girly colourway but the yarn was already wound so I picked it up to use up. I don't think she cares much lol.

My second WIP is going to be much more girly. I'm hoping I can get it finished by the March 15th start date for the Mystery KAL so I'll have to get my bum in gear :-p It's going to be a Bloom for Ava. I'm knitting the medium size but using 3.5mm for the chest rather than the 3.25 the pattern calls for. I don't have any 3.25mm 40cm circular needles and as it's a ribbing pattern I don't think it will make too much difference being 0.25mm out!


A bit random but does anyone else tend to always use the same stitch marker to mark the beginning of a round? I know I can just look where the tail end of yarn is but I nearly always use my red stitch marker. If my red marker is in another project then I will use a pink one instead lol.

(I'm even worse with longies, the red marker is for the start of the round, then I have a purple stitch marker for the left hip and a bright blue stitch marker for the right hip. It has to be a bright coloured one because that I start my short rows on that side so it's to remind me. Yes I am a bit daft!)

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  1. Ooh Bloom looks lovely! Using the same markers makes sense because the you know what they mean. Maybe I should do that instead of forgetting what is going on when I get to each one ;)


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