Friday, 23 March 2012

FO Friday Bloom

Ok, the photos are quite frankly rubbish. I'm sorry! I wasn't feeling very well when I took the first one and the second two were taken in a hurry before a certain young lady grabbed my camera. However I think they are just about ok for you to see what the Bloom pattern looks like so I'm afraid you'll have to make do!


I still need to get a ribbon to thread through the eyelets round the bodice but I'm letting her wear it now because I'm nice like that ;-)


Would you believe that this little girl is just 5 days shy of her first birthday? Nope, neither do I. I must have forgotten when she was born and made a mistake somewhere. She can't be a year old already???


(disclaimer the sweet wrapper is from my Mother's day chocolates at the weekend and she only got to have a little bit of a chocolate. She likes throwing the wrappers around and scrunching them up to listen to the sound they make. I'm not a completely negligent mother, honest!)

Anyways, thank you for looking at my photos :-) I need to go change a certain young lady's nappy and then to start preparing lunch. This afternoon my eldest two children have a dance festival at school so Mr Soaring Sheep is coming home from work early and we're going to go watch. My daughter's class is doing an "English dance" and my son's is doing a "Chinese Dragon dance". My son is going to be part of the dragon and is very excited about it :-)

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