Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday Sock

It's happened, I've succumbed to the lure of hand knitted socks. I fear it could be a slippery slope. This is the only photo I've got of the one I'm knitting but it's a lot further on now, I've done the heel and everything! The yarn is Jamboree by Colinette and the pattern is the one which came on the skein label!


I'm knitting it using two circular needles, it is rather fun!


  1. I adore Colinette yarn, they do some beautiful stuff. I have never braved socks though, but hope to learn one day soon.

  2. I'm using the pattern on the ball band and it's really really easy. I'm using two circulars as you can see in the pic because I hate DPN's and can't magic loop (my brain just doesn't understand it lol) and the knitting is just flowing along. I've finished the first one and now I'm working on the second.

    Give socks a go :-)


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