Saturday, 17 March 2012


*waves* I'm still here. We've been a bit ill this week, two children last weekend and then the other two and I have been ill this week. Not been doing a lot of anything other than trying to take it easy and feel better. Fingers crossed we're on the up now.

I have an FO to show off at some point (Ava's Bloom dress) and I have two WIP's at the moment. One is my Paprika cardigan which I couldn't resist casting on and the other is my mystery KAL cardigan. I've not finished the first clue yet so I'm hoping I can get it done tomorrow as it's Mother's day.

I'm going to do some knitting now whilst DP makes me a tiramisu and a moussaka for tomorrow, lucky me :-D


  1. Have a lovely day tomorrow and pleased to hear you are all starting to feel better. :o)

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. With children in the house it seems the virus' just run back and forth between them at times.
    Can't wait to see your mystery !


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