Friday, 9 March 2012

FO Friday Ziggy!



The hood seems rather big. I'm not sure if this is the way it's meant to be, my knitting, not blocking it properly (I did the rest of it but wanted to try it on him so didn't do the hood)


I like the way the Zigzags continue up the chest and onto the hood. I must confess I lost count of which row I was on at the time so they might not match the way they are supposed to but I don't think it makes a difference


I ran out of yarn on the rolled edging for the hood. I only did 6 rows instead of 8 and had barely 10 inches of yarn left at the end!


I liked the way the hood was joined together, I think it's the same way you do a heel for a sock? SSK on one side and p2tog on the other to gradually pull the sides in. I really do need to block it better though don't I


Finally here's a quick close up of the Zigzag pattern. I really liked how this was formed, I'm thinking of maybe trying to do a similar idea going up a pair of longies. No idea if I'll ever have time for that though lol


I'm rather pleased with it, as long as I don't look too closely at it and ignore the silly errors I made. No I'm not pointing them out ;-) I just need to learn that knitting when tired is not a good idea...!

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