Friday, 30 March 2012

FO Friday, Drop Stitch Scarf

I cast on this scarf literally YEARS ago. The yarn was spun by Sarah at Babylonglegs and is called April Showers. I'd never knitted handspun before and was advised (I think by Sarah although it was so long ago I can't remember!) that something like the Drop Stitch scarf pattern would be very good for showing the yarn off to it's best advantage.


Well I cast on, I knitted a few rows and I got tired of it. I didn't like knitting it on straight needles and at the time the only circular needles I had were 40cm ones which were too short to be comfortable. The scarf and yarn when into a bag and got forgotten about.


Whilst knitting the MKAL cardigan I reached a point where I was ahead of the pattern clues and wanted something mindless to knit at the same time. I had originally planned on knitting my Paprika cardigan but I wanted a break from pink! Then I remembered the scarf and got it out.


My knitting speed has obviously increased over the years. I was also much better at remembering the pattern so didn't need to keep checking and counting which row I was on. This time round the scarf flowed quickly.


Before I knew it I'd finished the skein of yarn and I am so pleased with the finished result :-) For once I'm actually looking forward to the Winter so that I can wear it!


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