Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring Helper yarn

Beth at Luscious Little Somethings posted photos of my yarn yesterday

Evelyn's custom Pink Passion on Bluefaced DK

I think it looks rather yummy! Such bright colours, I can't wait to see what it will look like knitted up

Evelyn's custom Pink Passion on Bluefaced DK

My daughter loves it :-)

Evelyn's custom Pink Passion on Bluefaced DK

I'm currently still working on my Bloom. I've got one more repeat of the diamond lace pattern and then it's onto the bottom pattern. I didn't get much knitting done at the weekend as we were rather busy. Did quite a lot of walking so my legs are a little stiff this morning.

I've also got an extra child at home today. My big boy was sick on Saturday and isn't quite right this morning so is spending the day in bed. I think he could probably have gone in but this is the first day of school he's missed and catching up on some sleep will do him some good. I think he imagined he'd be watching lots of tv and having nice things to eat :-p

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