Friday, 2 March 2012

Not an FO Friday

Still working on my Ziggy, I've attached the sleeves now and I'm doing the raglan decreases. I started doing them late at night so some how I missed a couple on one side so I had to do them two rows in a row if you see what I mean. However it doesn't look too noticeable, except to another knitter and me of course so I'll just carry on. Don't tell anyone ;-)

The weather has been very Spring-like lately so I'm thinking of other things I'd like to knit. I wish I had more time in the day lol.

Beth, the talented dyer behind Luscious Little Somethings is running a scheme where you can be a "Luscious Little Helper". Basically this means that she offers you 20% off some yarn which you then knit up and post the finished item to her to photograph. She then returns it and uses the photos to show off her dye work. Naturally my ears perked up at the sound of "20% off hand dyed yarn" but I also thought it would be an interesting challenge choosing a good pattern to show off the yarn at it's best.

I signed up as an Intermediate/Advanced knitter so figured I should probably knit something slightly more taxing than a pair of longies! I was very tempted to knit an Angel Fish Skirt as I think they are absolutely beautiful and I recently bought the pattern anyway. However they are quite simple to make, just using short rows etc. so back to my ravelry queue I went.

I eventually narrowed my choice down to two patterns, Cinnamon and Paprika. As I'll be knitting for my eldest I thought it only fair to ask her what she thought. She loved both patterns but the hood on the Paprika swayed it for her. She did say she'd like a Cinnamon in the Autumn though ;-)

So, pattern chosen, next I had to decide on a colourway. I thought a semi-solid yarn would work best so I asked my daughter what she'd like, naturally, being a 6 year old girl, she chose....PINK!

Actually though, I think a bright pink would work really well, and if there is one thing Beth excels at it's bright colours :-) I'm very much looking forward to receiving the yarn and to knitting it up, what a fun challenge :-)

So my immediate knitting list is as follows:

Ziggy - still a WIP
Mystery KAL cardigan - not yet received or dyed yarn and not sure when the first part of the pattern will be released
Bloom - a dress I'm planning on making for Ava. I bought the yarn a while ago and would really like to get on with
Paprika - need to confirm yarn order with Beth

I could do with making some more dungarees and longies for Ava but I'm too easily tempted away by new projects. Whoops! I'd better get back to my Ziggy now, hopefully I'll have a FO for next Friday :-)

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